D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!

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Wait so they're gonna make bnet like this"?
Maybe in 2014 when the expansion comes out they can give us some improved social features. Don't hope for anything fancy though.
face it. a major reason a ton of players play D3 is nostalgia.
False. D2 doesn't have never the amount of players that D3 has. Not even remotely close.

I'll correct your statement:
face it. a major reason a ton of forum posters play D3 is nostalgia.

Honestly, I don't see much creativity in these mockups. While they would be a VAST improvement over what's currently offered in D3, they are basically just rehashes of what we've already seen in D2. Grats for making, them though!

And thats exactly how you make a follow up game in a series...you take all the great elements from the previous, improve upon them "if needed", and throw in a couple of your own in addition to. what you dont do is remove the great features in favor of your own new

Its great and expected for a dev team to want to make something of their own.. but thats what new IP are for ..when dealing with and established series you have to put your pride on the back burner and stay true to that series.

If this Dev team wouldve knocked Diablo 3 out of the park they could've wrote their own ticket to do what ever they wanted with complete creative control
Blizzard , DO IT ! Save this game !
V4 (the last) type is just awesome !
It needs to be done.
Very nice.
are you kidding me? those Mock-ups are from Beta-Times, get necroed and now get a blue post? oO
I will post on this thread again, Blizzard be inspired by these screen shots and be innovative in creating a new battle.net to bring a sense of community where people can hang out on a battle.net with this format.
Please DO IT!!!
If I could have one thing out of that mock up, it would be the game name list OP showed.

Damn that would be so fricking sweet.....just like it was in D2.

The Public game search on V4 is awesome, and would be really beneficial to the trading/dueling elements of this game. Other than that It is an enlarged chat screen which I would just have muted anyway so not a big deal to me.

+1 for the public games though
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How badass would it be if we got an upgraded version of the original battle.net demonstrated in these screen shots.


Blizzard D3 Team please be inspired!! and innovative!!
Looks awsome!
To the top for view's...
Way better than what we currently have. There is no community, only angry people.
it should be an evolution of the chat lobby, an overlay that can be called upon during gameplay to continue chatting (like how Steam does it)
I was looking for this topic but couldn't find it :O
Public games are the only thing I really care about these screen shots.

And TBH, I followed the development of D3 like crazy and I saw these before the game came out of Beta... I was totally underwhelmed when we got this current setup.

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