Can't invulnerable monsters return in MP5?

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I have an idea of how invulnerable minions might work:

Bring it back but make it so that the champion is crippled with half hp and cannot roll an extra health affix. and make the invulnerable minions affected by stun/freeze/blind/slow and damage reduction procs.

Also throwing around an idea on an assassin style elite mob affix, where periodically (around the same frequency as shielding), (only) one blue monster out of the pack will start glowing/flashing/pop a flaming skull icon on its head with a slow, ominous, and visually obvious build-up. During that brief period, (maybe 2-3 sec) this monster will hit for an instant kill and cannot miss, necessitating all players to flee until it stops glowing. Probably should be limited to normal attacks from melee monsters tho (mortars/electrified and other affix-related projectiles don't count).

Also, make walls destroyable (with moderate-high HP). Frustrating when I'm bringing the hurt and they put a wall in front of my arrows and run like cowards.

"and cannot roll an extra health affix"

Extra Health never could be appear with Invulnerable Minions, anyway.
It was a horrible experience.

Waller, Molten, Arcane, Invulnerable

Horde, Shielded, Arcane, Invulnerable

Vampiric, Health link, Sheilded, Invulnerable

The list goes on and on. 9/10 times you got a combo that you just couldnt kill in any reasonable amount of time. It was more beneficial to skip them completely or create a new game if you couldnt avoid them.

It def was not a horrible experience, it added some difficulty to the game, instead of blizzars handing people flowers and candy and holding your hand while you cross the street
Am I the only one that thought Invulnerable was creative and fun? Sure, it was frustrating, but it was a "OH!" moment and I would immediately focus everything on the main enemy. It was also pretty straight forward. Sure, it would be damn near impossible mixed with certain prefixs, but I still liked it.
No LOH, no LS, no CC....

This affix is a horrible idea. Makes everything but raw damage useless. And can be an impossibility for ranged units if map doesn't allow to maneuver the champ to the front of the pack.
12/17/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Vaeflare
We don’t have any current plans for the Invulnerable affix to rear its head and return. We felt it was a frustrating affix for many players, and that it was out of line with the other affixes, which is why we removed it. In a similar way, we feel that the [url=""]Reflects Damage affix[/url] isn’t quite where we want it to be, which is why we’re looking intomaking some adjustments to the mechanics of how it works, as well as fixing a related bug.

Yeah hi. Thanks. While you figure it out, can you disable it? I might return to play if you disabled it until you get your stuff straight.
I don't know if this was already suggested, but what if, instead of the minions being invulnerable, the LEADER of the mob remains invunerable until all its minions are taken out.

Then restrict Shielding to blues and Invulnerable to yellows.
Invulnerable minions could literally block you from moving especially in cramped spaces and there wasn't a thing you could do about it.
Here is a suggestion: make some affixes or affixes combination dependent on MP level. And bring back invulnerable minions for mp8-10 for example.

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