Free MP10 Uber Carry Service.

Demon Hunter
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thx for the support guyz, glad i can help.


yes, for 5mill we will provide you the 3 machines and you can make a hellfire ring. and an act1 key on top of that.
If you can't be bothered to work your way to a goal then use this service. If you can't be bothered to learn what it takes to efficiently farm for keys/machines/rings, then so be it.

Just don't expect to have any self respect for yourself, or any from anyone else.

I could probably farm the the keys needed for three machines at MP10. It would just take a while to slowly bring the enemies down.

My question is using a machine brings you randomly to a pair if ubers, right? So it could take you more than three machines to get to all of the bosses?
if you use 3 machines in the same game, it will open all 3 portal 1 by 1.
Hi if you ever need a extra person to help dps I would be down to help. Just in it for the fun and ring.
Help you to get Hellfire Ring on
****please do not come in my post and flame me if you are not requesting for uber help****

MP10 – 100%2Mill for carry run ( you provide 3 Machines )
5Mill per run ( we provide u 3 Machines )
1 Mill Per Machine if you need any
*Plz state (MP10 or 5mill MP10) on msg when you add me **SuperJJ1973
*want to bring a friend? no problem, add 2mill

Come have fun with us and also it comes with act1 key after we done with the run.

Team Members :

due to some customers we carried have returned to ask for help multiply times, i have created this Loyal Customer List. for every customer who returned on the 5th time and onward, 2mill mp10 fee will reduce 50%. on the 10th time and onward, mp10 fee will be wavied, which mean we will do FREE carry for that customer.

Well they did exactly what they typed above, no funny bizz.

Thanks and will do it agian soon.
My 2nd time doing with SuperJJ. Fast as usual and my 2nd ring was better than my first. Will go back to him next time :)
haha, np, glad we can help.

@Glitz - ill keep that in mind, thx for the offer.
I don't see why you burn SuperJJ, he just offers, if you don't like it, just leave it. +1 for SuperJJ anyhow.
Great group! Very fast. Will definitely be back for more!
pg 1
so meaning for all three runs i need to provide 15mil?
No. 5mill if you have no machines for 3 ubers
I can make all 3 machines. I pay you 2 mil for run, right?

I'll add you in-game.
please accept my request ;(
Run was great. I'll probably run with SuperJJ and his group again.

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