Free MP10 Uber Carry Service.

Demon Hunter
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01/02/2013 03:50 PMPosted by MajorPayne
For those of you who say you run people MP10 for free I wish i knew where those people are I have 3 machines waiting for those people to show up..
ya see that, all you see is ppl talking they give free carry, and no where to be found. we are always here to do our service if you are up for it =D.
nice run again (Y)
Nice fast run with SuperJJ. Thanks a lot.
This guy is trust-able, great service, great run with a cheap price. Thanks
np, glad we can help. upup
Quick, clean run. Grabbed the Act I key afterwords as well. Took about 15 minutes. Thanks guys.
I loved your service man. imma ask for more quite soon :)
upup, see you soon =D
SuperJJ thanks for the help. I had a bad drop rate on MP 5 a few days ago with some friends and lost all hope until i saw this great post. I asked SuperJJ a little help on MP10 since drop rate is 100% and i was amazed how fast he killed those Bosses. Until next time !!!
yes sir, we are still doing it.
I could use one. Spurlock#1835.
I could also use one. spikyninja#1766.
Looking for a run and 3 machines tonight added you rstaffd#1702
super fast clear, total pro
Finished in less than thirty minutes. Thanks!
Super efficient and fast!! Will do more in the future!
woulld love to buy 2 of these for 2 of my toons please add me asap`
I'm interested. Add me in game. I'm on most of the day. Snizard#1358
try to add me guyz, i just check this post once a day or 2.
IMHO, the SuperJJ's service if very fair in value.
and he does it fast.

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