Critique the Barb Above You V2 (READ RULES)

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Let's get this going again. Would like to see where some of you from the previous thread ended up because the advice I got definitely helped.



2) NO QUICK COMMENTS OR RATINGS (There are plenty of threads like these already here)

3) USE TEMPLATE (see below)


bookmark your review before posting it that way 2 people arent writing one at the same time. Just reply by saying



-Quote/Rule from MASKOAA






Offense: #/10 (this is regarding dps, critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, etc.)

Defense: #/10 (this is regarding armor, resists, etc.)

Build: #/10 (this is regarding the skills build)

Badass: #/10 (self explanatory)

Critique: (the more thorough and detailed, the more it'll be appreciated)



Feel free to suggest others!

Name #/10 (the barb's name - not the blizzard account name)

Godliness #/10 (1/10 means already a god...10/10 means a god of gods (Zeus?))

Statwh0re #/10 (having one or more stats that is over the top)

Sexiness #/10 (depth diggers = male/female stripper, etc)

Frugalicious #/10 (the less you have of uber items that are known to be blatantly expensive and still be able to have a kickass barb the higher the number)


Excellent example of a critique from Castablanca:


OFFENSE: 10/10
+ amazing stacked average damage bonus from rings and amulet
+ godly crit damage and crit chance
+ high mainhand damage with terrific supporting offhand (huge strength and CD boost)
+ strong IK chest and gloves
- Needs 24 movement speed ASAP (to enhance WWnado)
- Needs more attack speed ASAP (to enhance WWnado)

+ superb resistances and EHP total is fantastic
+ respectable lifesteal (2.7+2.3 = 5.0% lifesteal) at your 236k dps is sufficient for MP10 reflect elites.
- You have enough crit chance to consider switching Overpower Killing Spree to Rend/Bloodlust or Rend/Lacerate. Because you have assymetrical dual-wield setup. Specifically, your mainhand does the main damage (1168dps + ~65 average damage boost) while your offhand does very low damage. Therefore, you should capitalize on skills that use only the mainhand damage, the paradigmn of which is Rend.

BUILD: 9/10
+ Classic WWnado build.
- As mentioned above, consider using Rend/Bloodlust or Rend/Lacerate to capitalize on your assymetrically high mainhand weapon.
- I noticed you are using Animosity and Instigation. I don't think this is a wise decision because Fury Generation should not be a problem for WWnado barb. Against big mobs, fury will always be full. Against individual enemies, you should use a single target skill such as Bash Punish or Bash Clobber. Animosity should be switched to Bloodthirst or even Brawler. I think it's largely wasted because for the moments when you really do need fury (large mobs) you will definitely have plenty of fury anyway (i.e. Animosity is overkill when you really need it).

BADASS: 10/10
+ 85 paragon, nuff said :)

+ Focus on getting 24 Movement Speed, which should essentially be a requirement for all WWnado barbs, period. Specifically, consider going Inna's Temperance + Lacuni's combo. That way, you can get a better deal on insane +strength Ice Climbers that don't have movement speed.
+ Consider switching your mainhand to an Echoing Fury for that +0.25 attack speed = which 25% bonus attack speed to your offhand TOO!



Unfortunately if the rules aren't followed there would be a lot of skipped players who took the time to critique somebody else. What I can advise you is to ask the next critiquer if they can critique your Barbarian in ADDITION to whom ever is rightfully next, which then would be solely up to them.
Sure I'll bite.

Offense: I think I'll rate 7/10 here. You are above 100k so not bad damage but there is a fair amount of room for improvement. You could use more of the trifecta.

Defense: Your armor is fine like most Barbarians, but if I counted right your AR is a little low still at 441, so you can't tank stuff very well at the moment is my guess, though 6% life steal is good. Also no War cry makes the low AR even more noticeable. Your vitality is fairly low as well.

Build: Tried and true WW Build. As I use it my self can't say it's not effective. I'm not judging on originality either, so might as well say 9/10. I haven't used Over power my self.

Badass: 6/10 here. Not there yet, but keep going!

Overall good Barbarian. Biggest area of opportunity is defense and survivability. You could definitely do with more AR and vit as I mentioned above. Not sure what else I can say though.

Offense: 8/10 I would definitely replace your off hand, increase your cc to about 50%, increase you cd to about 500% and your attack speed is beast mode. You can still keep the attack speed up by replacing the dagger with an echoing fury.

Defense: 9.5/10 just because i believe there is always a way to improve, but honestly i couldnt find anything wrong with your defense. Looks amazing to me. Youve got vitality on all the right items (which is something im trying to work on) your resist all is just right, your armour is great. I guess the only thing i would do is maybe try to raise your dex a little bit for dodge. Not that important but it does make a difference in my opinion.

Build: WW barb is always a good choice. I think raising your crit chance would help a lot with fury regen. once u trade your dagger for echoing fury u will lose life steal probably but i would honestly replace anomisity with bloodthirst. With cc at about 50% your fury regen should be perfect in my opinion.

Badass: 9.5/10 like i said above there is always room for improvement but i would say you have a pretty well rounded barb. Very nice job. Try switching a few things around like i said and see what you think. Im probably wrong cause im a noob lol but i tried to give you some good advice...i hop it helped a little bit.

Whoever rates my Barb i know its a disaster but if you could be specific i would really appreciate it. Ive been trying to upgrade for a month now and its so hard to find something within my budget. Be as mean as u can on my barb lol thanks.

offense: 8.5/10

excellent weapons, great main hand. relying on vit for your main hand is going to make it hard to replace since youre only at 33K. very nice overall str but vitality is heavily lacking. amulet is okay but you could be getting far more damage from it with a better amulet under 30M. CC over CD is your main priority for offense.

defense: 6/10

incredible shoulders!!!!!!!! IK chest armor is amazing but lacks vitality since you desperately need it, or you could switch your gems to amethysts. I'd ditch the innas and IC for blackthornes with AR and high vit IK boots to get up your vit while also boosting your EHP. until you find a better IK chest for 100M+ range I'd suggest temporarily switching to blackthorne's chest for the 100vit boost with the pants. the IK boots with high vit and high str would also help you keep your 2 piece bonus.

after all thats done and done go for a belt with vit or life % if youre vit is over 1.1K at that point.



standard WW but with low CC which would make it harder in less dense mobs. same old same old. gives me a headache :P.



super glassy EXP gainer is what i classify your barb as :P. just need to get your ehp up for those higher MPs/PVP/Ubers! once thats done get a higher DPS main hand and youll be smokin.

Offense: 7/10 150k is nice, although you have too little critical chance.. guess thats because of your amulet, leorics and no CC on the helmet

Defense: 6/10 400+ AR is not that much but I survive with it too.. also you got impunity so thats fine... 33k life seems too little to me

Build: standard, thats fine... you could try rend if you like :) I love it (was even better with skorn I guess)

Badass: x/10 I have no idea ^^ maybe 5/10?

overall your barb is quite nice, dont know why you said "its a disaster" ^^ also you got all the good gems, which I don't... guess you can improve best on amu/rings (guess you dont always use leorics).

when you rate my barb please also mention which items are most important to replace :) I guess it is weapons (currently looking for those)

Thanks for the harsh critique!

I actually had Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss before Overpower and it made me basically immortal. I was recommended to try Overpower instead in the previous thread and finally did. Found it to make the game far more fun for me although I will always love Ignorance is Bliss. I also breeze through MP4 now that I have Overpower.

Also, it says I have 501 AR in my profile. Maybe you missed it. Either way, I would like to boost that up a bit more.

@next critiquer
NOTE: DO NOT CRITIQUE ME. FeRMi should be next.

9/10 defense---ar is a little low but your HP is AWESOME.

9/10 offense---You're hitting plenty hard and have excellent CC/CD.

You're in the badass league. I thought about trying the Naty route a while back, nice to see someone make it work. The only thing I would suggest trying to improve would be your AR and armor....they're both decent as is, and with your HP close to 70k I imagine you're very very hard to kill...EXCELLENT barb.

Offense: 8/10 CC and CD are quite good, u could use some attack speed cause both ur weapons are slow.

Defense: 7/10 Resists are good, but both life and armor are a little low. I know u can do that because of your really high life steal (i think its too much, u would be ok with some other offensive stats in place of that). I like hp to be at least 42-45k.

Build: 8/10 i have never tried this WW/rend build but it doesnt seams very efficient to me, maybe im wrong.

Badass: 8/10 a higher dps main weapon would really help, just get rid of that life steal, u will be fine with 5,5% total.

OFFENSE: 7/10. Very good CC and CD, no question. But as a WW barb, you need more attack speed period. Please refer to the following link for hitting appropriate WW breakpoint.
Specifically, aim for trifecta amulet and rings (will cost you a fortune, sorry but your barb is very strong and thus any upgrade will be expensive at this point). Alternatively, you should consider changing your pants to Inna's Temperance. This gives you the +24 movement speed when paired with your Lacuni's, thereby allowing you to use cheaper Ice Climbers without the ms.

Defense: 9/10. Balanced resists and hp. Your EHP is reasonable. Consider using Bloodlust Rend (for the triple nado build). Since you aren't getting 1-shot, you will be immortal with all the lifesteal. MP10 reflect will be a joke.

Build: 9.5/10. I seriously think you should swap Warcry for Rend/Bloodlust. You have plenty of armor and resistance and hp. You don't need warcry :)

Badass: 9/10. Love it. Enjoy your badass look before you go Inna's. That baby blue is shameful on a barb. And why did they have to make ice climbers look nothing like their icon graphic?

EDIT: I didn't see your stacked average damage on your Unity and Amulet. That is very smart move. This will make it even harder to find attack speed amulet and rings also with average damage. Obviously, the difficulty in finding upgrades for you is directly indicative of how strong your barb is. good work. Keep it up.
Please rate Bloodyzbub (was skipped)
Thank for the review! im not sure about innas pants yet, ill change my unity ring for one with attacks speed first, that should be about 40-50m, and then an ammy similar to mine but with attack speed instead of vit. Im not sure about it, but maybe i can change my offhand for an echoing fury with life steal+socket and my attack speed will improve a lot. Witch way do you think its better? echoing fury offhand or ias in both ammy and unity ring? Thanks for the help!
12/19/2012 11:49 AMPosted by etxebe
but maybe i can change my offhand for an echoing fury with life steal+socket and my attack speed will improve a lot. Witch way do you think its better? echoing fury offhand or ias in both ammy and unity ring? Thanks for the help!

The selection of Echoing Fury on auction house is garbage currently. Ultimately, you want Witching Hour instead of IK belt, which means you need Lifesteal on both mainhand and offhand weapons. Therefore, I would regularly check auction house for 2.9+ lifesteal Echo's with +0.25 atkspd and socket. These are end-game Echo's, and anything 1000+ dps will be 1 billilon.
So, for now, focus on your ring and amulet upgrades.
Then, Inna's.
Then, Ice Climbers (no movement speed :)
Then, Witching Hour
Then, offhand 3% lifesteal
Then, Echo.

OFFENSE: 9.5/10.
Any barb who has the balls to run Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit is OFFENSIVE to me... in a good way. Seriously, very very cool Attack speed setup. Beautiful attack speed and top crit chance. To upgrade your damage, you need more strength and some more CD. CD is something that really benefits fast attack barbs because when you are putting out so many hits, something is gonna definitely crit! Your first upgrade should be belt. Go Witching Hour. Next would be that Echo (200+ intelligence is a bit wierd for barb). Finally, your offhand is nice (huge CD) but you need to switch from LoH to Lifesteal. (200k dps barb should be at minimum of 6% lifesteal, 9% = faceroll MP10 reflect mobs).

DEFENSE: 11/10.
To get 545 resistances without Immortal King set bonus, that is baller.
On top of that, you have reached 200k+ dps buffed. That is very very good man.
The only thing I would suggest is get +24 movement speed. You are +22. Get Inna's Temperance + Ice climbers-without-ms.

BUILD: 8/10.
You don't need warcry, PERIOD.
Swap with Overpower Killing Spree for lower MP's, and Rend/Bloodlust for higher MP's.
Rend + RLTW + WW = triple nado barb ftw.

BADASS: 10/10.
Love your unique build. Keep up the great work.

First, thank you for the kind review and for the suggestions. (I didn't know ice climbers were available sans MS...definitely taking a look at that)

Now about your barb.

Extraordinary. 100% PURE BEAST. Mind Blowing.

I didn't crunch the numbers, but I'm pretty sure that when you drop WOTB you're hitting 36 ticks with that offhand, and scoundrel equipped should put you at 71%cc. A lot of players really don't understand just how difficult it is to reach that level...and I pity anything that gets in your way if your berserker hits a frenzied shrine...that's 45ticks of pure whoop !@#.

Because I have a solid understanding of the mechanics involved with your barb (excluding throw mechanics), I see very little room for improvement. Maybe a little more all res and armor, but not really necessary given your sustain and the fact that you have plenty of both....and you're a throw barb...I've never experimented with it and would really like to see it in action.

Feel free to add me, I often run red doors in a 3 man party at mp6/7 and you would be a WICKED 4th. I'm quite sure you run ubers at max, but like I said, you would be warmly greeted...the other guys in the party would FREAK watching you wreck. Cheers.
12/19/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Bloodyzbub
(I didn't know ice climbers were available sans MS...definitely taking a look at that)

yeah man. Personally, I went with Ice Climbers with mega strength but no movement speed, which definitely makes them more affordable. But you would have to pair that with Inna's to maintain 24 ms.

12/19/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Bloodyzbub
Feel free to add me, I often run red doors in a 3 man party at mp6/7 and you would be a WICKED 4th. I'm quite sure you run ubers at max, but like I said, you would be warmly greeted...the other guys in the party would FREAK watching you wreck. Cheers.

added. i don't think they'd freak, cuz i still die a lot. I'm just a fat demon hunter.
The reason I went Throw was in anticipation for PVP.

There were 3 specific aims that Throw build could fulfill:
Specific Aim #1) Perma-Wrath on single target:
Weapon Throw (minus 9 fury) with Into The Fray and No Escape can fill up fury in 2 or 3 hits. I can perma-Wrath on single target, and with Throwing Hammer rune, almost perma-stun.
Specific Aim #2) Anti-range:
Mighty Throw and Throwing Hammer both can reach beyond 1 screen distance. With my attack speed, I can blindly aim and machine gun at those Hungering Arrow dh's.
Specific Aim #3) High fury generation:
Minus 9 fury WT's cost 1 fury, and can generate 15 (into the fray) + 14 (no escape) = 28 fury on crits. I have about 60% CC with wrath = 28*0.6=16.8 fury per hit. My attack speed is over 3.0 per second (on wrath) = 50.4 fury per second. This means I have enough fury to spam Seismic Slam or other big spenders.
Interesting side-note:
I used this guy's profile as a build template. You guys might know Saberfenix for his youtube video of MP10 seismic slam spree. He's the only 300k dps barb that still uses Life on Hit.
Since all previous posters have been critiqued and Castablanca has has 2 critiques, I will do Bloodyzbub.


Offense: 8/10 - Not the highest DPS for a Barbarian but very solid nonetheless. You could use a bit more critical hit damage (i.e. gloves, amulet, rings) or Strength which would greatly boost your dps.

Defense: 8/10 - Average HP, armor, and resistances, however you have more sustainability than most with 5.90% Life Steal and 707 Life on Hit with a minor amount of Life Regeneration. Increasing strength would increase your armor and DPS and seems to be the best way to improve both.

Build: 10/10 - Cookie-cutter tried-and-tested Whirlwind Barbarian build. If your goal is to be a Whirlwind Barbarian, then you have the correct skills (you could consider Overpower - Killing Spree instead of Frenzy, but you would need to use some regular attacks to generate initial fury). Not much originality in this build (would rate lower if originality was a requirement lol).

Badass: 8/10 - I have seen some better Barbarians but yours is well above average with the ability to farm higher MP solo. The lack of originality is why I am docking you a bit in this score since there are SO MANY Whirlwind Barbarians and thus you need to be compared to all of them!

Overall good job!
12/19/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Iria
Castablanca has has 2 critiques

Wrong. He's had 0 critiques. But he has critiqued TWICE..and they are awesome critiques...from a truly awesome barb.

He deserves a solid critique. Somebody needs to step up to the plate.


Offense: 10/10 - High DPS. I like that you even use SoJ with cold damage which looks bad on DPS numbers but really helps tremendously for elites as well as the snare effect.

Defense: 8/10 - Average HP, armor, and resistances, however you have more sustainability than most with 6.00% Life Steal and Overpower - Revel adds a nice touch for instant healing when you need it! Your defenses are a bit lower than some Barbarians due to lack of Warcry, but when doing runs in a group (with another Barbarian to Warcry), your defense is great.

Build: 10/10 - Hybrid Weapon Throw and Whirlwind Barb? Interesting mix since you have almost free Weapon Throws from equipment! Overpower - Revel adds a nice defensive mix that most players overlook, especially with high critical hit chance! This is a fun looking build!

Badass: 10/10 - The non-conformist hybrid Barbarian set is a nice touch. You definitely know how to gear correctly so that your equipment complements your skills and you have great survival and DPS too!

Overall excellent job!
Wrong. He's had 0 critiques. But he has critiqued TWICE..and they are awesome critiques...from a truly awesome barb.

He deserves a solid critique. Somebody needs to step up to the plate.

Awww thanks Aeterman :-) XOXO


Thanks for the critique! I used to be a demon hunter,.. godly dh you have!
I remember you, Iria! You are that insane EHP barb with insane block resist, armor, hp, and damage reduction. What's up man!

I will critique you again in the format of this thread, maybe it'll help others who are considering the 2 extremes (glass cannon dps barb, vs immortal tank barb).

Offense: 4/10 - your immortal barb is not really going for offense anyway :)

Defense: 100/10 - the definition of Immortal King, and without a single piece of actual IK! Wow. Absolutely insane defense system. Our department of homeland security should learn from your barb. My only suggestion would be upgrading your blackthornes to 2 sockets, and matching it with Duncraig cross for the 2 pc-set bonus. Although, your Mara's is incredible.
Also, your movement speed is a bit lacking. So, I would consider that, although for your skill loadout, you don't really need movement bonus that WWnado barbs do.

Build: 9/10 - Why not replace Furious Charge with Rend? You have no fury spenders, and you're not using Berserker Rage, so all that pent-up Fury is wasted currently. Rend/Bloodlust would let you take a nap against MP10 elites, even reflect/electric/descrate/health-link mobs.

Badass: 10/10 - I'm gonna quote you.
12/19/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Iria
The non-conformist hybrid Barbarian set is a nice touch.

Same at you, my friend, very cool setup.

EDIT: I just realized you already have the 2 piece Blackthorne set bonus (pants and chest), so nevermind about the Duncraig cross. Your Mara's is much better choice. Great work.

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