Game freezes - Latency lag?

Technical Support
I've already written to Blizzard support about this,
The game world freezes at random, monsters, stop moving, I'm unable to pick up items, health potions etc. new areas don't load?!
It lasts between 20 sec to 2 minutes and happens dozens of times every hour.
I've also noticed it happens in the auction house as well as ingame!
It used to happen when I first started playing after the release, and I havent played since then till these holidays. In nightmare mode this is infuriating - the game is unplayable!
I kinda wish I refunded Diablo while I still had the chance instead of waiting to see if they'll patch things up in time :(
I've tried all kinds of thing - nothing worked so far.
This is essentialy what I get when playing -
This guy fixed the issue by changing his network adapter, but I'm using a laptop not a desktop?!
It happens to me as well, and I'm not using wireless. I don't have a network adapter to change. The trace route shows that there is an issue somewhere in the line of routers on the way to Diablo's server. All we can really do is wait for them to acknowledge and fix the problem.

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