Not sure what to upgrade for more dps...

Witch Doctor
Hey just wondering whats the best thing i should upgrade at the moment to get the biggest increase in dps.

I was thinking my Pox but to get a crit pox is way out of my league at the moment and swapping it out of a rare with crit isnt an option i feel as i lose my 3 piece...

Any help appreciated
Aye, Zuni ring is a candidate - nice Hellfire, btw.

But you'll find it easier and cheaper to upgrade the bracers, if you're willing to forgo a little AR. I would, in your shoes. Strongarms spring to mind, as you get a fair bit of bang for the buck, but you'll have other better (and more expensive) options when you do a search on the AH.

Whether I'd be right is worthy of another thread.

But really, my guess is you are pretty focussed on quick runs at low MP level - which is more than fine. But if you're trying to do better Uber runs, I'd gently suggest that not only the gear, but the build needs a little tweaking too.

Hit me up in-game if it's something you'd want to mess with.
Yeah i got the hellfire on my first roll ^^ my friends were quite jealous.

You are right this is my mp 1 fast run build.
I was looking at strong arms which would give me an extra 1% cc and a lot of life which i might pick up when i am doing ubers,
at the moment i swap out my frog for a zuni to get the 4 piece and change around my skills for more survivability and mana.

I try to keep my AR above 400 so swapping to strong arms might be an option, or if i get some zuni boots with AR, or skipping the strong arms totally and getting an AR lacuni with CC which might be a bit expensive...
First thing i notice is the vile wards with less than 200 int. To me if you have vile wards that are less than 200 int then you might as well be wearing a rare shoulders. Besides... Vile wards around 200 int are fairly cheap.. they get a bit more pricey with the vitality. Secondly the bracers need closer to 6 CC. If you can find bracers with AR and 6 CC that would be an improvement.
Good suggestion. I am looking into some vile at the moment. Thanks!

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