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Ok, diablo 3 is boring me. So I decided to follow the steps of the true warriors!!!!

I am here to send out a message to the ones who are brave and stupid!

Playing HC, mp10 and self-found!

No second chance, no AH, no pussys!!!

I am based in NZ so I am happy to play regularly in the evening!

Any one up for this??? If you have the balls add me,the adventure will start from monday evening (we will get organized with time and try and play as a group which will be more fun).

Hope to hear from some one :)

Bump ---I dont want to do this boring solo...(and trade within the group is possible which would make itsweet!)
Come on, need some mates toplay!
Il do it.. I currently have a self found HC Witchdoctor but he is in the high 40's... I will start a barb to play in this group.. I do allow 1 exception to the self found rule.. At 15 I buy a socketed helm and highest ruby I can afford just to level faster..

Only problem I forsee is I'm in Perth, you are in NZ and I'm not on every night.

edit: Just added you in game
i wouldnt mind trying, but i dont have any slots left :) Perth too.
Sorry seansky but we are 4 on lvl 12 now. Hope you can find some people interested :)
01/07/2013 07:43 AMPosted by seansky
i wouldnt mind trying, but i dont have any slots left :) Perth too.

Level to level 12 and join us !
Yea got 3 or 4 peolpe going!! waiting to hear from yous!
Hi guys,

I usually play after work (WST), but Lately I am a bit too busy to play :(

Please feel free to add me: PIAG#6685
Since PVP is coming, I figured out I will need friends to spar with ^^

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