Overlooked but Exclusive 500K EHP club

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518k EHP / 106k Raw Unbuffed DPS / 180K Paper DPS Buffed. Still working on my barbarian but he's getting there. Need an IK Belt with massive strength badly. No life steal sucks.
01/05/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Toyyoda
@Toyyoda: You should include unbuffed DPS in the list. As some of the mates highlighted in the thread, ppl will just give up dps and stack vit by using gems to hit the marker. 100k unbuffed dps is pretty low actually. Just a thought :)

I thought achieving 100k DPS and 500K EHP is not that easy?

If so, then what should be dps. Around 140K?

There're many different builds out there which give efficient dps output rather than paper value. Hence, setting a figure as unbuffed dps marker but not be ideal as well. All I'm suggesting is to include unbuffed dps for those who made it into the 500k unbuffed EHP list. Just for comparsion and fun purpose :)
Just got some new +armor pieces, I think I can finally join the club at least with my CM set.

502k eph
I'll come through with a cool 1mil EHP and 170K DPS if ya'll let me get 6x radiant purple gems :D
I've got a Wiz, Barb, and a monk in this range. Both my WD's just barely missed it

(Edit: I'm going by the DPS on Diabloprogress, otherwise all my guys are over 100k DPS so I probably have a few more that are above 500k EHP)
I don't see anyone with as much DPS as me with this eHP on this list yet :)
oooo didnt know theres a club like this...... do i qualify?


site says i got 103k DPS unbuffed and 962k EHP
@Toyyoda: Pls update mine. Just sniped a pair of great gloves off AH :D


534k unbuffed EHP / 338K unbuffed DPS
580,476 Unbuffed EHP, 127K DPS
503k EHP, 223k DPS

No one stacks dex; it is a byproduct of nat being bis for sns. Still dex is not useless just not anywhere near priority.

Lots of people have been falsely preaching dodge lately. I've actually seen full threads on it. The only time when dex should be chosen on gear is when you already have huge EHP to where nothing matters anyways. It should never be taken over other defensive stats after the basic 500 you get from by products. People are stacking up to 1k, sometimes more than vit though and it's dumb.

For barbs Sprint + Rush & Warcry + Veteran's Warning = 27% dodge with 100% uptime if you have enough resist it's better to go with this or invigorate. I agreed that for a non dex class to stack dex for dodge is pretty stupid.

I think having such EHP is a waste in training mode. People in this club should put their EHP to good use in hardcore.
01/06/2013 12:44 AMPosted by Zati

@zati. You are less than 100k dps. sorry.
did i not make the cut?
01/06/2013 06:45 AMPosted by CannabisWeed
did i not make the cut?

The OP probably added more conditions to make the list even more exclusive. (Most likely because he is a spaz.)

E-peen show?
prob.. either way can't wait till pvp
Oh suxs, I dont qualify, so sad

Nice club btw.

Peace buddies.
@ Peace, I don't understand how you didn't make the club? But I guess that's why this makes an exclusive club. Heh. You probably need 7k vit? get it somewhere...I say from Nat boots where you are missing vit.

DPS is important but EHP seems as important as SNS wiz. Good luck.

@Jimmyjames...come on...sure you got plenty of EHP but 14K dps? What's the highest MP you have done so far with your toon? Just wondering...and I was suggested by others to add DPS to make this club slightly more strict.
I don't get it...I have 150k dps and 850k EHP, I had 1m before but just did an upgrade for higher CC...850k seemed rather easy to achieve. Where's the catch?

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