Overlooked but Exclusive 500K EHP club

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posted once but didn't get added.

296k dps unbuffed
536k EHP

I have been only adding the names for wizzes only. can't handle all other classes. but you are welcome to introduce your character here. thx.

im in it
177k dps 550k ehp


sold alotta my gear to gear up my barb too heh this is like second hand !@#$ :P
In? 129k dps, 575k ehp
EHP 730k
DPS 186k
PVP 882k


I LOL everytime I see the title of this thread heh

It's just asking for abuse from other classes and other Wiz specs that abuse Vit.. put in a SNS only requirement to make it relevant lol
Alesso: noted
BTW, one barb said achieving 1.5M EHP is extremely difficult. but Shandlar said "SNS" CM wiz with 500KEHP is like having 1.5M EHP from Barb. Any thoughts?
01/11/2013 07:26 AMPosted by yodatoy
BTW, one barb said achieving 1.5M EHP is extremely difficult. but Shandlar said "SNS" CM wiz with 500KEHP is like having 1.5M EHP from Barb. Any thoughts?

Pretty much, maybe even more. He's counting the shield and freeze spam.

671k ehp club :P

DPS Unbuffed: 202,151.84
EHP Unbuffed: 480,539
PvP Dummy: 631,422


Getting closer!
Mine is around 520k with around 150k unbuffed dps and 3k life regen.

Finally reached 500k EHP


DPS Unbuffed: 177,563.34
EHP Unbuffed: 502,715
Made a few tweaks recently. Less vit, more ar/armor. Still working on dps :P

133k dps
512k ehp
846 ar
5049 armor

I make the cut as well.


~157k dps
~709k ehp
ehp: 550k
dps: 118k


ehp: 500k
dps: 122k

Need an AR/armor/5+cc/9ais lacuni plz...
my pvp build
1.25m ehp
110k dps

I am in too, do we receive a medal or something for this ? ; )

155 k dps
523 EHP

Just bought myself a little upgrade.

170k dps
960k EHP


Should break 1m EHP as soon as I get some good lacuni.
I have been working Zuni Set gearing where I achieve less than 2.73 breakpoint but still manage to be effective farmer in MP8. Due to spike in my HP, I was able to get up to over 700K EHP and still maintained 170k dps.

Might go up even more with more armor/ar from my new zuni chest and boots.
OK.. sorry to dig up a slightly old thread but..

Finally after some tweaking (i.e. dropping Tal's Relentless, and adding Zuni Marrow), I have finally reached 500k ehp while keeping dps up (i count > 150k dps as a fair goal)


154k dps
519k ehp

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