Free Uber Kills (MP10)

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online if anyone needs a carry (InsuranceGuy#1986)
Online if anyone needs a carry

just finished enzo's run. available for next

Scrapz stop stealin my runs mang. Also free at the moment.
i need carry add me pkz if anyone on... On4xi5#2798
Added On4xi5. Let's git'r dun.
Anyone available atm, or tomorrow evening? Need carry. have the 3 machines ready. Add me.
Ready for another carry

I'm ready and I can help kill if you'll have me. I got my 3x machines. Just looking for fun with a group. :)

Add me up, I can help as well. :)

Thank you again for the run yesterday!
have 3 machines, looking for someone else with 3 machines and somone to carry (1 for carry should be enough if we leave the game)
For the people wanting to join the carry list, send me a friend request. If you can solo the ubers with people in game, that is helpful since we sometimes get inundated with carry requests and it can take a while to arrange a team to help with the carry. Preferably, we try and have another geared player in the party to make the run more enjoyable and perhaps a bit faster, although that is open for debate.
Having 2 machines, me and a barb friend. Looking for a carry...please add me Zakaveli#1410
My cousin his girl and myself would like to know if anyone can run us through if it is even possible. I have 2 machines and she has 1. Fokusdave#1689
Want to thank Insuranceguy again for carrying us thru! Got a decent Hellfire Ring!
I got a machine need a carry pleas :(
Starting MP10 runs. Add me Narcolepsy#1563, our mage Findreth#1281 or scrapz#1142 if you need a carry.

You can check our progress at
Online, add me if you need a carrie

Online now, add me if need help

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