Free Uber Kills (MP10)

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anyone on right now??!?!?! looking for a carry for 2 please!
Add me as well. I just need machines (pay) and grouping. Everyone can add me as well. Thanks.

shout out to Cayzer and Edzmond!!! 3 monks and a barb, all with buffs. we were a (nearly) invincible machine!!!
I have 3 machines ready and can solo a MP5 run, hoping someone can carry me at MP8 or higher.

still need a carry. please add me... online now
hey guys, i have 3 sets of keys and looking to do the ubers my first time ever, who is down to help out a fellow monk?!!?!
Online with a buddy, each have a set of keys.
Wow...this was posted back in December and I'm just now seeing it. I got a good laugh to see myself listed under the monks. I'm honored.
As long as you play with Scrapz, you're on his team.
Dropping in to give a friendly bump and to restate the carry requirements. Those of us on the list that do the carries, we don't really need the hellfire ring. We're offering to carry people to help those who can't get it on their own. We're not looking to group to run ubers. I know several of us have stacks of the organs just sitting in our inventory. Those that we need to provide 3 portal devices. Many times recently we've had the carry stand around after the first pair was dead and ask "who is opening next", wrong question.
any1 carrying right now?
hello, i have 3 machines ready, anyone free to carry?
Hey, I have three machines, if you're available to carry please add me! Thanks.
Message me if available for carry
Have 3 machines
@ Jco thanks for the run...god you're a beast lol never saw your life dip past the 90% range lol.
If PTR is releasing today, I won't be able to carry anyone for the next week or so.

mass testing n farming required

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