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Hi there!

The last few days ive been experiencing more lag than usual on my 13" MBA mid 2012. Is it a server issue? ?ave anybody else had the same problems recently, or will i have to go and get some god damn windows computer? :(

Aware that my macbook air isnt the heaviest gaming computer, but i was hoping that i wont be forced to spend my money on something i really dont wanna buy.

What kind of lag? Low FPS, rubber-banding, freezing? Those adjectives or ideally any numbers to reference would be useful.
Same. Not sure why but over the last few days I too have been experiencing much more lag than I've seen in the last several months. Most of it is either rubberbanding or the situation where your firing animation continues but nothing actually shoots for a few seconds and then itll start firing again. I'll get the occasional suddenly low FPS but the rubber banding and the "ghost attacks" are far more frequent and annoying (and dangerous!). Makes me not want to play HC at all.

Double checked my ISP speed and tried a few other games and don't seem to have any issues. Really seems like a server issue.
I'm having the same problem, especially with the rubber banding. I agree with Syriel about it being a server issue. Is there a patch in the works?
What latency in-game are ya'll seeing?

We're having some maintenance done today for D3 servers, so please let me know if the issues persist after they are up and running.
lagging too, unplayable...from fast yesterday to abruptly super lag, this is the first time this happened...

my settings are all low and have green latency...

I've been playing since release without issues, until yesterday when suddenly intermittent periods of lag began occurring. This probably has to do with ISP's between blizzard and the destination moreso than something they happened to do on their end.
so any solution anybody?...
I thought it might be a little better after the recent update but today Im getting a lot of the rubber banding and also the issues where it goes through the attack frames but no attacks actually fire. This is especially problematic with defensive skills where one tries to utilize them to reposition or avoid something. Essentially its come down to you have to overgear and face tank everything because strategy and skill is almost useless at times with these issues.
Something happened on tuesday, you brought the server down mid day, and shortly after my frame rates fell off a cliff, went from 60 FPS, to 40, and when ever I engage a mob or fight in combat or cast spells they go from 40 to 10-15, and large packs can reduce it to 1.

Green Latency

For the past few hours I have been reviewing everything from making sure my computer is selecting the right drivers to updating my OS X, nothing has worked thus far even SMC.

The only thing I can compare it to is the Mini Boss fight in Act 2, where your frame rates just drop only it's happening now in every act.
Of note, in follow up I tried again early this morning. While I still experience the occasional frame rate drop like Beavercleava, I didn't experience the significant rubber banding and the lag with the attacks not actually firing even though the animation goes. I suspect during times where the servers are being used regularly (afternoon, evening) is when they have trouble handling the volume. I haven't experienced that kind of lag on any of my other games or applications, some of which take up much more memory than D3 so I think its something with the connection to the diablo 3 server.

EDIT: Not sure why now. I've been playing since D3s release and its only been in the last 2 weeks or so that this has been a real issue.
Try running a repair and see if it helps.
Ran the repair, it did nothing still have lost frames. I'm also running GFxcardstatus, to ensure I'm not switching graphics cards or something weird or random from what I was previously doing.

Like I said before the major drop in frame rate is due to combat and SPAMMING SPELLS, I will go from 40 to 10, and prior to the drop in frames I would sit around 59-60 dropping to 50 while in combat or spell casting, so this is fairly major.

Also would like to not my CPU% more then doubles while this frame rate drop occurs so whenever I cast or engage a mob my CPU% goes through the roof. 50% CPU to 150%CPU

Idk if this could have something to do with it.

hw.cpufrequency: 2530000000

Downloading a speed accelerator for my CPU, to see how it works, I'll get back.

The speed accelerator helped a little up until engaging in a mob or casting spells (Spamming spells), but frame raters are continuing t drop and hover around 10 fps.

After further review/research I believe that the MAC CLIENT is the problem putting unnecessary stress upon the the CPU.

So during tuesday emergency downtime, something happened to the MAC CLIENT which is putting strain on MAC users CPU.
Still continuing to have terrible lag during anything except off hours in the morning and early afternoon.

Any other suggestions besides my own of fixing the servers? Something clearly has changed because it was working fine for months and's barely playable.

EDIT: Did game repair, disk repairs (no errors), reset PRAM/SRM, adjusted frame rates/game settings, energy saver disabled, graphics card switching disabled for higher performance, etc etc....

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Running an MBP 2.66 ghz intel dual core i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M video card OS 10.6.8
lagging horrible here... resent couple of weeks.

It is not getting better
just ran a traceroute, no problems. also used the repair tool to no avail as well. i am lost.
same issues as OP what gives?

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