No freeze no windup meteor spam with video.

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Reflect pack MP10

Thanks to Shaggy turning me onto using LL to feed meteors but after that I deviated quite a bit. Here is build i use.!cTg!cZcaaZ

I don't use freeze even in mp 10 ask Steelphantom i rolled MP10 act 4 with one death with it. 15% bone chill is nothing compared to an arcane dynamo boosted molten impact hitting for 1.2- 2m so dont worry about losing it. Instead - Everything cast has an offensive hit element. shards, molten impact, EB and LL. and two are free. LL and shards is free on AP. EB and shards is free cast turns.

Energy armors allows me to survive with no defense spells like crystal shell and frost nova. If you have decent armors resists and ehp and LS weapon this should take you into mp7 at least.

I havnt decided which energy armor I like best.
Absorption is more spam of meteors while Pin point they hit harder more often.. Prismatics is more tank even ...all have use.

Option 2 Ice Armor Crystallize- massive defenses and freeze of melee and ranged attackers to give you time to heal.

The huge advantages of these LL meteor builds is
a) no insane ias required to spam. It helps but not necessary like WW/CM.
b) no meteor reduction gear required. It helps but not necessary like traditional meteor builds.
c) No windup like WW/CM to bring the pain.
d) only 10-20 apoc required. More helps ofc but not necessary like most meteor builds.
e) you're not using the much derided freeze which makes u a total baller
f) It's fire spells

a) maybe not as much DPS as a well built SNS wiz or archon the two favs around here
b) need expensive mitigation and LS weapon.
c) really high MP survival questionable for most.

IMO these builds are best suited for middle MP's.

AR and ARMOR affix on gear to survive in melee range and reflects more the better
10-20 APOC
~1.7+ ias more the better
LS weapon preferably NOT a wand so you're not doing wand attacks but LL attacks at least.
higher crit chance 35+

Get in melee range. Hold down Living lighting on enemies while spamming EB, Metoer and shards keys. teleport wisely.
You have everything that would make a good sidekick for eric

Hey Aimless,

Thanks for turning me onto this build...It ROCKS, MP10 Mobs drop like like flys even at my DPS...I stand in the middle and spam away.. Knockback is a stinker for this build at least for me so far.

I think it deviates enough from other meteor builds to Have it's own name..

Explosive Meteor Shards LOL

Ok....maybe they drop like larger tough "horse-Flys" ;)
so how does this fair against RD?
Then you hit a RD pack. Instant Molten Death
On RD it is a pain hitting the whole group even with LS and LOH, If they are reflecting bad I slow down the meteor rate and lay off the EB......or try to string out the pack
^ would seriously love to see this build going against RD demonic know that's like GG >_<
01/01/2013 09:18 PMPosted by Aphraell
Then you hit a RD pack. Instant Molten Death


I own relfects they heal me

Key to this build is dont ever stop spamming those healers. Sometime I run and die.

I cant belive this trying to make a video for aphy clear core, tower rakkis and still no refelcts when every other pack is normally.. I show u pwnage.
Nice build Aimless.

I ended up buying a 5 meteor 3 tele occy and it does make a difference, but like you said, not necessary.

Once reflects start fragging you, crystal shell can be an answer.

Two interesting things I suggest you try just for fun, probably won't add anything but fun:
obliterate for explosive blast,it is interesting, especially when you don't have the trash locked down.
Try a run with star pact. Especially with reduction it is hilarious, not super effective or anything, and not arcanedynamo friendly, but hilarious how damn many you can drop.

I am impressed that you have it working.
I regret selling my Oculus. At least I can rock this build with an Apocless chant.

On topic:
I think this is how Blizz originally intended Wizards to work.
Problem with these builds(which I love btw) is that like most builds as a wiz, when you hit a certain DPS level. RD just destroys you. Obviously you can @!!%##@!* foot around the mobs, but I dont want to slow up just for 1 affix type.

I had more fun with SNS-Impact than any build in the game. You actually feel like a God.
Dude arcane dynamo boosted meets hittng for 1.5-2m sometimes thats a lot of dps. More they hit for more you heal. Thats why showers sucks for me with ls. minimal healing. I need a bigger health pool to survive first 3 seconds before moltens are raining, 30k hp, not enough sometimes but once they are raining nothing can kill u. Least with energy armors buff did u try that?
ha, i discovered this a while ago on accident when i was just fooling around on my wiz.

this is a good build. very fun and easier on the fingers

edit: i have about 3 mil in my gear and can do mp5 pretty efficiently. not bad
also, try it with meteor shower. its not as effective but looks insane
Yea when I can play again next week, I'll give meteors another go with Energy armor and see how badly it effects my dps. Meteors are so much fun.
Video not up yet but it will be here

MP10 reflect pack
ha, i discovered this a while ago on accident when i was just fooling around on my wiz.

this is a good build. very fun and easier on the fingers

edit: i have about 3 mil in my gear and can do mp5 pretty efficiently. not bad
also, try it with meteor shower. its not as effective but looks insane

Yeah bro ppl stop inviting me to play with them when i use showers. lol
i'd invite you to clear the map, im just in it for the loots now anyway :P
says video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video. what's damage modifier for this build? for Mid MP farming i really prefer meteor shower to anything else though...
I will try this, seem fun :)

Tried it, for high MP it cannot compare to standard SNS in term of survivability, and has worse EDPS. I use Electric Weapon a lot so I feel the DPS impact more painful lol. The DPS loss is not mainly from skills, but from the lack of locking imo. Monsters, especially Succubus, take too long to take down without locking them, and them Succubus run away from meteor points very often, making the fights very long.

And I find that Desecrator and Frozen are very annoying if spammed often, how do you deal with them?

Overall this is a good build for mid MP where you need high burst DPS for quick OHKO or two and no windup phase. But for higher MPs, SNS is better.
Been using this build for a bit and I love it. Most fun I have had playing a wizard without feeling totally useless. Nice to see there are other wizards out there willing to step out of the WW/CM bandwagon and do something new.

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