Error 53, bought game yesterday...NO EMAIL

Technical Support
Hi, has stated in title i bought the game yesterday ( digital version )
and been playing fine.

This morning tried to log on, and this was written:

*This account has been suspended due to violations of service policies.Please check the account registered email adress for more information (error 53)*

I was surprised, so went to check my email (incluiding junkmail section).....Nothing...kept refreshing, waited 1-2 hour still nothing, no explanation nada....

So ive sent a ticket, received an automated confirmation of my ticket being received by batle net support team.

And still waiting...first time i receive such a suspention, ESPECIALLY with No EMAIL or EXPLANATION from blizzard?

Is this normal way to threat a customer?
Should i ask to be repaid and cancel the game purchase?

After some research i noticed A LOT of people are being suspended for is going on blizz?
Some people CLAIM they are suspended for "nothing" but that is NEVER the case. They all come screaming to the forums when a ban wave goes out claiming to be innocent when they are not. If you were just suspended then there may be a delay in the email being sent. It will show up soon enough.

The only way to appeal a ban/suspension is to submit a ticket so that Account Administration can take a look. I see you have already done that so you will need to wait on your ticket. Wait times are 24-48 hours right now.

Also, the most common reason for a suspension on a new Digital Purchase is if the payment fails. The suspension is to prevent account thieves and criminals from using stolen credit cards to create accounts and bot/spam. That is the first thing you need to check because until that gets fixed, they will not remove your suspension. Either your bank declined the transaction, or you did not set up a billing profile properly on the Blizzard site and Blizzard declined it. You will also want to ensure the credit card used matches the name and address on the account or it can also cause Blizzard to decline the transaction as potential fraud.

It looks to be an issue with the way you filled out the contact info is all. Wait for a response to the ticket and you should be able to get it cleared up.
Ty for the *answers*
Eagerly waiting on the response

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