You guys are not foolin' me

Well i guess you can't run hysteria :(
I still don't understand the logic:

"As long as I can 100% facetank any and every affix, I'm doing it right."

I like this logic better:

"As long as I am killing things, getting loots, exp, and finishing runs the fastest I can per hour, I'm doing it right" <--- even if that means having higher sheet DPS, and the requirement of microing EB a little in order to not die vs. the occasional RD/electric combo

IDK, I guess I'm just more of a thinker than a feeler. I think the latter is more logical, but I guess if you just prefer having some feeling such as being 100% tank vs. RD/electric, that's on some other level of reasoning :s
Reasoning is you don't always see things underfoot. I farm with a lot of ppl and invariably during a run it's "WTF just kilt me" I don't wanna have that problem. I've been CM and SNS cm longer than anyone and played all the stupid kiting games even ran fracture for awhile. Thats not 100% dps u paid for. It's inefficiency. Poor price/performance for a thinking man.

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