Did diablo 2 have dungeons?

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I think the best parts od D2 LOd was, being able to level up lower hero,s, they could just stand out of the way, not get killed and level up, FAST! Boss runs, Rune words that you had to figure out on your own, out of game. BTY the best gear in the game were rune words. Using mule accounts to transfer gear between heroes, the list goes on and on. lots of things to do, besides running the same act a million times. D3 will be awesome some day, I truely hope.
01/03/2013 08:02 PMPosted by Ender

No they're(the standards) not, but here's a simple breakdown of D3, start new char, leave on right exit, finish that area go top left exit across bridge.

Swordfrag1 somewhere around left area of map, then go top right find scoundrel, then find tomb fragment key things generally northwest and in east direction, this map is always top right of where that nephalem spirit guarding that place is, go in, 0 variation.

go through tunnels find khazra staff(minor random here still always a giant circle camp in the center though and the staff is literally always around it no surprise), then travel northeast all the time until you hit leoric's highgrounds or something, then go northwest into leoric's mansion, go into basements and go bottom right, then once u erach room with warden free all prisoners or whatnot then kill warden travel bottom left, butcher look for 6 iron maiden cases and generally is in the direction northwest for the exit to Butcher Act1 boss, fin act1.

scripted enchantress path no random at all. act2,
Yeah I'm tired i dont wanna go on now, it keeps going, Act2 isnt as random as many think it is. Look more hidden footprints... -_-

Thanks for elaborating, but I'm already aware of this. As explained, the randomization applies to dungeons and events while the storyline stays linear. Blizzard should implement countless more dungeons of significant size, The Barracks would be a excellent example. That was my original suggestion.

Considering you spend a huge amount of your play time outside of random dungeons in diablo 3, randomization should apply to outdoor areas too.

The story wouldn't have to change to have randomized maps so you don't know exactly where to go EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even the monster types are almost always the same in a given area.

Run Fields of Slaughter, what do you find there? Yep, always the exact same 4-5 demon types. Never a surprise now and then. Ever.
01/03/2013 07:55 PMPosted by TheSaint
That type of randomness was all over the place, not just at the start, again like you said yourself, you forgot. It wasn't inconsequential it was part of the great experience of the game, its one of the reasons why people get bored with D3, because they expect to see the same things over, and over, and over. This is the very same analogy as CGI in a movie, if it's really good, you don't notice it and it's doing its job, if it is bad, you notice it.

Well what I was saying, I got bored of D2 just the same because the more random dungeons were just as boring because of their simplistic architecture. I'm not just talking about aesthetics here, I'm talking about how the dungeon pieces fit together. Most of the time it wasn't very interesting.

In the outdoor areas, yes this problem is the worse in Diablo 3, but the dungeon areas are not nearly as bad as people claim. This is just the downfall of making things look too good sometimes. They spent all this time on making each piece look good and unique, they didn't have enough time to make a large variety of these pieces for a much more random experience. Sure Diablo 3 could use more random, but lets not pretend Diablo 2's repetitive simplistic tile sets made for such a superior experience.

I did read the thread smart @ss.

Dungeons being "random" is a loose term in Diablo 3. There aren't enough tile pieces and the engine is being limited in how it combines these tile pieces. Enter a cave a dozen times and look at the layout. They are almost all the same with very minor variations. The lack of content, dungeon depth (No. of floors) and exits that can only appear in one or two ways greatly limits the layout variations.

This makes the game a complete bore with repetition. More randomized layouts = Good for re-playability.

The story being linear has nothing to do with it, by the way.

Should I reiterate? Sorry the randomization isn't up to your standards.

WTF? It's up to yours? You have low standards then. That explains everything.

I don't know about that maybe most of its animations and fluidity but in terms of mechanics and hit registration it's a little broken, monster is midway through swing, you vault/teleport out of its way before it finishes it swings you're miles away and the hit somehow registers on you. Not lag not bug, working as intended. Even confirmed by Bashiok way back.

Perhaps some small errors with certain skills exist but yes it's fluidity and the pure visceral punch the sounds an effects have is fantastic and done far better then any other in its genre.

I dont know if that's small error man, a dodge mechanic that doesn't even work as is? that's pretty big, as for done better than any other in its genre; which genre are you referring to ARPG? because i will be extremely pedantic about this, Hack N Slash is NOT ARPG.

EDIT: Hack N Slash reminds me of pointless button mashing and requires no thought process, ARPG is action RPG where its intense action of course but it's not mindless because you need to use at least some kind of thinking in developing your character and how to utilize those skills. Saying they're synonymous is sigh...

It's lazyness.

Yeah I'm sure its laziness must be.. For the sheer amount of code that's running and computing mathematical rolls with the amount of detail and physics being used its nothing short of awsome.

The same can be said for TL2, except they actually have an option to re-roll the world and its maps, and has lower specs than D3 and the game size is literally 1.5gigs or so big and well sigh... it just keeps going dude, to me Diablo 3 is lik something I want to like but am too busy facepalming every time I see statements like that.
01/03/2013 06:38 PMPosted by Set
Diablo 3 feels like it was made for a great first play through experience, with random dialog on things, quest lines and such, and then everything felt extremely repetitive after that, way worse than D2, yes Lyndon I know the bridge is in bad shape, stop! Yes Azmodan I know your army is here, you told me a million times.

Really? What did DII offer in Nightmare that was different than DII Normal? I cannot seem to recall a change. Oh, was it that the door out of the Rogues Camp was on the East wall and not the South?

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