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Alkazier runs everyday, wtf?
you have a choice not to do it. I rotate between all acts. farming a zone all over again and again just so thate you have the plvl to farm for legendaries in the same zone all over and over again ?? kind of pointless right.
I usually do an Alkaizer run to start with... then if I have time, I'll clear an act. And once again, if I have time, I might do another Alkaizer run.

It varies. Sometimes, I'd rather just sit and play through Act 1 with some other people. Other times, I want to finish off a pLevel or something like that.

Play how you want. Why would anyone play a certain way if they didn't enjoy it?
Alkazier runs everyday, wtf?

The endgame is not that. It's the ability to post and read stuff in the forum.
just do some pvp or gamble thats what i did when i started to burn out
Wait til you hit 100, then you'll know pointless.
Baal, Countess runs everyday wtf?

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