Lives more like Pac-Man, pellets for thought?

First off, kudos to those who can make it to Lvl 60 and paragon in hardcore. I just started hardcore for the first time a month ago and I've already lost two characters. Both times due to me zoning out only to find myself suddenly stomped on. But it got me to wondering...what if lives in diablo were more like they used to be in old video games like Pac-Man?

Maybe something like...start with 3 lives, get another one after completing Normal, another after Nightmare, and then Hell. Then another after killing Diablo on Inferno MP0, then MP1, MP2, etc.

How do you think this would change the hardcore game? Or, maybe more interestingly, how would this change the softcore game if it was done there instead?

Anyway, I'm NOT trying to make any proposal that Blizzard should change the game. I just thought this might make for an interesting discussion thread.

So, food for your thoughts? Or in the world of Pac-Man, pellets for your thoughts?
Softcore ------------------>
01/05/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Sens
Softcore ------------------>
Start->----------------->-----------*---------------------------------------------*--------------------------------->--------------------------------------------*------------------------------------------------------------------------------*---------------------------------------->----------------------------------------------*-----------------------------------------------------------------------*------------------------------------------------------------------------>---------------------*--------------------------------------------------------------*--------------------------------------------------------------------->-------------------------->-----------------------------------*-----------------------------------------------------------*--------------------------->----------------------------------------------*----------------------------------------------------------------------*-----Cruiser, just follow this trail & pick up the yummy bread crumbs. You & your sister Gretel, will be back in Munchkin land before you know it -------->---------------------------------*----------------------------------------------------------->
Your idea. . .while creative. . .will gain little traction here in the HC forum.

Most- if not all- HC players fully embrace the idea of permanent loss. The sting of loss is what drives you to avoid it- just as in real life.

Also- the thrill of living and the desire to keep your characters living is its own reward for error-free play.

Instead of softening HC- I would recommend taking steps to harden yourself and make your characters and game play as tough as you can.
since everyone else just pointed you to softcore i guess ill chime in some real feedback on the suggestion.

think its an interesting concept, but from a hardcore perspective, its not very HardCore.

if this was something that could be enabled via an elective mode in softcore i think it might be fun. considering the people out there who actually have a bad int. connection, but would like playing a hardcore style mode, but wont because they know will die, rather often.

i remember a month maybe back when a d/c protection idea was being, how shall i say, sarcastically thrown around that some people should just play softcore and if they feel it was a legit death to just delete their hero, but if d/c, lagg, your kid reset the router, etc. happened they could keep playing like it never happened. an elective mode such as this could be one way blizz add that type of feature, and this type of feature could probably be implemented rather easily on blizz part.

this could be added the same way hc is now, create a hero on a sc realm with a box to check that this sc hero starts out with 3 lives and the rest of the rules governing this. im not a coder so idk if the coding is possible (im sure it is) nor how long and how hard it would be to implement. but since were just throwing around thoughts for pellets, cant login, and got nothing better to do, why not take a minute and elaborate on new game concepts without just pointing fingers to the right.

in the softcore realm this could actually be beneficial, depending on how many people used it. talk about fixing softcore economy....... we just added the ultimate item sink to the softcore economy. we all know it, we all love it, and thats why were here, DEATH!!!! sure the botters will still reign, the ah will still flourish, but hey why cant we clean up softcore 1 item at a time. with each dead hero thats 13+ items gone. semi-soft ill call it for now can still buy gold, buy from rmah, trade in sc ah, but by clicking that accept button you agree that money is gone. difference between that and hc is you get at least 3 times as many deaths to use it, depending on the rules set forth within the ToU.

now before i get trolled i want it to be known that i play hc and as cheezy a way to die is d/c, lagg, kid reset my router, etc. i dont believe hc should be changed. i believe servers and programming and w/e the hell else is killing hero's from blizz's end, and allowing gamers to kill other gamers without them being able to defend themselves, are the things that need to be changed.

read it
HC= ladder.
I would not mind HC characters to have 2 additional life's.
Would soften the blow of DC/Lag/Crash deaths which happen to many players.
I'd wager 10+ HC deaths due t Blizz servers tonight. I bet 8 of them wouldn't give you the satisfaction of a rollback, though they certainly deserve it.

This idea is just so Whimseyshire

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