$2,500 tax return to spend on D3.

Items and Crafting
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With high enough dps and the right weapon supported with right buff gear on locust swarm you can easily dot them to death. My wd now can do ticks of 150k on crit or 20-30k non-crit. Running thru mp3 with base unruffled dps of 170k piece of cake.

So if you had 400k plus unbuff dps like the world top then mp10 would be extremely easy. Oh yeah also my firebat crits for 500k to 1.2 mil as well.
Obviously I'm not going to be spending all of it on Diablo 3, but roughly $1,000 to $1,500.

I want to make a beast Witch Doctor that could handle MP10. Any Ideas of how expensive this is? I don't want MP10 to be a struggle. I want it to be easy enough to farm on a regular.

Thinking 2-3 $500 accounts or one awesome account. Any ideas guys? I'm stuck on a bind with this one.

You, sir, are either a terrible troll or a GIANT idiot. You honestly want to spend more than 10x the price of a game on things in the game? If you want a game where you are good with minimal effort, I would suggest picking up a PC version of any of the Elder Scrolls games, Fallout 3 or New Vegas, or Borderlands. Those games have console commands to add in any gear you want, and mods to create anything you want with any stats you want.

I repeat, DO NOT spend anything above the price of D3 on D3. Really, going above like $20-30 is ludicrous. You are talking about buying gear, not content expansions. You gain nothing that is not in the base game or can be earned through time played.
OP, either he trolling or he is an idiot.
2k5 for this game :X
$1000 for some gear in Diablo? Seriously? So you pay $1000 is reach the best gear, then what? Farming is useless since you'll have no need for gold. MP10 ubers will be useless because you'll be paragon 100 so fast even with no hellfire ring. You will essentially pay $1000, play for a good 2-3 weeks tops, then quit. Total waste of money.
If the game is so boring for you that you're willing to pay $1000 to skip to the end, you better just quit now while you're ahead.
id personaly build a new comp with that kinda coin...that would DEF! increase your WD performance.

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