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Witch Doctor
Hi All,

I have been pondering switching my Unity ring out for an SOJ with cold damage my question is primarily is it even worth it? Ideally I am gearing to be able to comfortably farm in mp 7 and do so quickly which I love the AOE of the WD currently I am speed levelling paragon in mp3 due to mainly its just ridiculously fast with all the AOE. Any and all insights are greatly appreciated!
If you are looking to buy an SoJ specifically with cold damage, don't. The cold damage has zero effect for WDs. Look for a cheaper one without cold.

As for whether it is worth it. If you can kill trash easily and survive the elites, then an SoJ will most probably be BiS. At worst, it's a nice to have for later. I keep all of my SoJs because I never know when I'll want acid cloud crit, SB damage, or reduces cost of bears.

Many people keep a swap ring for certain elites/ubers and keep SoJ on usually, but then swap to, for instance, Litany of the Undaunted for higher resists and reduces damage from elites.

Use and enter your character there to see damage against elites with SoJ.
SoJ is a best-in-slot ring for *high-MP* content. If you are speed farming in mp3 (or lower), you don't want to be using a SoJ. If you are going to play high-level content and ubers, that is where SoJ shines.

My dps with SoJ un-equipped is ~215k and ~185k with it equipped. However, against elites and ubers, that 185k becomes 240k *and* SoJ gives significant mana pool boost (and, for me, Bear mana cost reduction) to better sustain DPS. When key-farming or doing ubers, I try to skip everything but elites anyway.

If MP 7 is your ceiling without SoJ, MP 8 will be your ceiling with it (based on my experience anyway).
much obliged thank you for the insights, I already smash elites pretty quick and find most combos more than manageable so I will stick with my current setup and stick to mp7 thanks for the replies folks!

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