If you need help with HC?

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can u plevel me this is my first time playin in HC want to see wat its like
Just got done, and it was awesome. Did lvls 51-60 plus killing Diablo on Hell in 2 hours. He definitely is a beast of a player and very helpful.
normal 1 spot left
Great leveler!
mega vouch.. he's awesome help in the trenches
Done for the night glad i could guys!
Mega Vouch...
Back Online
great guy. good rusher.

thx fox!
Vouch for a safe trader from HC to SC.

He bought 60 mil HC from me. Good stuff. Nice guy.
How many 60's will we get today?
i hope to get my wiz to 60 today...... RLOL
got wp's easily enough :D
nm runs 2 spots left!
vouched for his services: quick, safe and easy.
logging for the night, stay alive everyone!
Mega Vouch. Fox is a vetran power leveler.
vouched. safe and fast!
Normal runs 2 spots!
Hi... can I join I am always online :D

i will add you in my friendslist!


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