If you need help with HC?

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you trade hc gold for sc?
how much?
Good plvler
Just did a barbarian for me 15-60. vouch!
Thanks for the Boss Kills and all the power leveling....Very good player and huge vouch for Fox....

If you have JSP please vouch for him and help other JSP members from ripping others off.

Big vouch for fox powerleveling my monk, he will take care of you and make extra sure that you stay safe and alive to 60.
vouch for fox! great guy and very helpful. kept me safe and was very efficient. thanks again!
Best power leveler in the world! safe and fast!!!
Vouched! Leveled me fast and efficiently, and never even came close to dying. As long as you don't have a death wish your safety is pretty much guaranteed.
Vouched. He leveled me from 15-60. It was very fast and efficient. and he was a very nice player.
wtb pwrlvl..currently lvl 38 12k hp 3 piece cains with star ruby in helm...
Normal runs 2 spots left...
Fox has 2 spots open for nightmare right now.
I'm interested in powerlevel my 2nd new hardcore hero to 60. I don't have much resources available but can I join? Add me AmakusaShino#6595 and my time zone is +0800 GMT.
I could use the boss kills. I'll msg you when I'm ready. Can only pay you in SC gold.
Vouched for hell craters 50-60, very safe.
Strong vouch for this gentlemen. Very congenial.

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