What’s Your Diablo III Gaming Ritual?

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While many players may not require much preparation before they log into Sanctuary and start playing, some of us have pre-gaming rituals that would rival those of the most battle-hardened Horadrim.

So, this week's community question is: What's your gaming ritual for Diablo III? What sort of preparation do you go through before you start slaughtering the minions of the Burning Hells?

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I usually check my credit card balance before logging in. haha j/k

I usually see if there is a good stream to play on my second screen or, failing that, I load a good playlist into grooveshark.
Step 1: Mute the music.

Step 2: Choose one of these soundtracks to listen to - Bastion, Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest VIII, Vagrant Story, any of the Final Fantasy games, etc

Step 3: Farm Act 3 until I either get bored or the soundtrack is over.
Grab a full drink

Log in and start act 3 mp5 or 6 cuz 1 is boring.

Die to reflect damage because im not super focused on playing because im watching tv or something. (being fixed in patch)

Sigh at the realization that im wasting my time on mp5/6 (being fixed in patch)

Restart on mp1. ID everything. Find nothing. (not being fixed in patch)

At this point i sometimes do another run. Or i just go play WoT.

@Begaria.. yea and mute music. Ive played bad games that their gameplay completely stood up on an amazing sound track. And they were still fun to play.
Turn on high-powered fan to start cooling laptop.

Pour glass of scotch for left hand.
i sit down preparing myself that i know full well this games itemization is completely broken. come to terms with Jay Wilson ruining this game. Log in do a run of act 3 I.D 100 rares and vendor 100 rares then log off. Then read the forums for 6 hours

repeat occasionally

Same here..
I usally get a nice cup of capuccino and here we go !
Hot tea and music and I'm set to go :)
Grab Cooling Pad, Grab Laptop, Grab Mouse, Grab my eReader (mouse pad). Arrange extension cord to my bed so I can be plugged in while playing. Prop myself up on bed with eReader sitting on my right. Log in, check auction house, swear loudly because nothing has sold. Cancel all auctions and drop the prices by half. Join public game, act3 Sin heart quest. Play Core of Arreat straight through to Azmodan, stopping after killing the spider boss to dump all the unid'd rares into my stash, usually speed through stonefort to kill the keywarden and the elites there. rinse and repeat until all my stash tabs and my inventory are filled with unid'd rares. (2 runs). ID all the rares, cry a little, sell all the rares. Log off for the night.
Arrived from work, open a beer.
Get sure that my girlfriend dont get mad, open computer.
Open D3, hope that the patch as arrived, be sad...
Login, forget my Iphone, go get it cause i need to enter the damn authentificator...
Check AH if i sold some stuff, check item to buy....im to poor to buy good stuff...
Go act3 and dream to find a 500m gold item.....
Act3 is boring, go back to AH....
and act3 - AH - Act3 - AH .... more beer and smoke

That my tipic gaming experience...
Cant wait to duel !!!!
I get home from work, Turn on my PC then grab a glass of water, say hello to my cat and give him some attention so he doesn't bother me while playing. I sit down at my desk as by now my PC is up n running, Fire up iTunes and start my Diablo 3 play list, start D3 amd head to act 3 to start the fun.
Get comfy in the bed next to my wife that is normally sleeping at this time and plug in my headphones!
first i log into the forums to glance around see if theres anything new. then i think about getting on. then i realize its just a grind for me and thats not something i want to do in d3 right now. then i play another game.
Say hello to the dog, keep him company, log in - run a couple alks @ MP2, realise that I am wasting my life & that I am constantly dissapointed.

Might give it up for 6 months or so, and spend my time more wisely.

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