What’s Your Diablo III Gaming Ritual?

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- Troll the forums a bit
- Get a cold shower
- Msg GF or anyone so i can be alone during my playtime
- Get something to drink
- Doble click D3 icon
- Staring at AH
- Close D3
start menu > control panel > add/remove programs > uninstall D3
I play for a couple of minutes and realize I'm bored of the game and quit. I might try playing again in a few weeks.

Being disappointed with the games lackluster fundamentals I usually go onto the D3 forums to check to see if any improvements are anticipated being implemented in an attempt to salvage this flawed game. Maybe with Jay Wilson stepping down, somebody that knows how to create a genuine successor in the Diablo series will make it befitting of the game's name.
-hover over launcher , wonder if i can think of a way to play that will be fun
-go to forum
-reminisce over how great D1 and D2 were
-go back to launcher, load
-play for 5 minutes
-quit in rage
-go back to forums
-lament what could have been
my ritual is playing diablo 2 ... still havent made it past the ritual though
Step 1: Mute the music.

Step 2: Choose one of these soundtracks to listen to - Bastion, Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest VIII, Vagrant Story, any of the Final Fantasy games, etc

Step 3: Farm Act 3 until I either get bored or the soundtrack is over.

Nice selection of music! Bastion and FF soundtracks are awesome.
Play act 3 once and then stop. I want the same rewards in other acts and id love to play act 2 soooo much more if only the enemies werent the most annoying.
- Check for low priced items on AH.
- Buy those, if any.
- Launch a D3 game, act 3.
- Sort the stash.
- Leave game.
- Post stash items on AH.
- Login
- Check friends list, no one on my friends list has been on for months. A couple on WoW.
- Logout and go play Xbox
Every time I log into my battle.net account I pray the game developers have come to their senses and brought back all the things that made D2 LOD so much fun to play and super addicting as well. Multi-socket gear, actual runes and rune words, charms and jewels.(Trade or find only, no AH.) I wish they would stop trying to "WOW-up" Diablo 3 and go back to what made it a special and unique game. This game should be like D2 LOD, with better graphics and some new abilities and features. If it's not broke, Don't fix it!

That is my Diablo 3 ritual....

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