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should be like a changeable passphrase or something that you can give people you want to friend and they have to enter it to add you.
I have noticed less spam. I find the best thing to do is to deny the invite over report spam. You can only block so many ppl or that was how it was before so that isn't the best thing to do.
I switched to report spam since I read this.
Used to report harassment, cause I was, and still am getting harassed.

Since then I get 2 or 3 a day, when I was getting 0 to 1 before.
If I were to edit this post, it woudl say at the bottom: post edited by pulserazor#0000 (not really my number) - and every spammer out there would have another person to put on their list. Think about it.

The social aspect of this game was ruined from day 1, and it would have been so simple to fix.

Spamming is well within your power to prevent. There are many games out there who do a fine job at it.

One of the most 'popular threads' at this very moment is 6 hours old, containing 18 pages of bumps minutes apart from the same gold spammer.

You do NOTHING to clean this up, this is why Blizzard community fails.

It isnt just Diablo 3. I played WoW for years and saw the same gold spammer on my realm every single day, I reported him so many times I decided that Blizz gets a kickback from third party sites, or they arent really third party at all.
When I log in, I would have 30 friend spam requests from 3 ppl. Addy Wish Blizzard would ban(which I have stated/asked) that address!
it's still happening to me... when i check i got 7 osclx as friend... deleted them all.. so crazy
Omg, thank you so much. Signing in after not playing a week and having over 20 invites from bots is REALLY annoying! Thanks bliz!
They seem to have clamped down on the 'WWWDIABLO3WALMART.COM' spammers - I only get a couple a week now, which I report as spam.
I am Very relieved to see this thread, you've not idea! I have a good 32 real id players on my ignore list, before they literally would send me 2-4 friend requests a day if not more.
It's wonderful to know the staff are doing something to address this irritating issue or at least just lower the amount of spam we'll receive via friend requests.

Thank You So Much and Good Luck!
- appear offline

- option to not receive invites/requests.

just fixed it.
online now taking requests
Usually, when I report spam, someone has hit me with the same account three or four times within a 6-hour window.
I got gold sellers invitation spam friend request and i reported them and I ended up get banned 2 days later. What is going on?
01/15/2013 10:04 AMPosted by Dedmnwlkn
Well i might be missing something but what is to stop someone from reporting someone cause they just want to and not necessarily spamming?Is there a way to tell the difference?

first 5 words of spam friend request says all.
thats all they have to check.
Is it possible for anyone to send a friend request without logging in to play?
Is it possible for anyone to send a friend request to you even though the player is already in your friend list?

I keep getting friend request from various players advertising One day I decided to accept one of the players ggwansuio1#13324. The strangest thing is I just got two friend requests from this player today even though:
1. he/she is already in my friend list
2. he/she hasn't logged in for 15 days and 22 hours.

How is this possible? Blizzard please ban this account if such things are not possible and this player has tweaked your system in order to send such annoying friend requests.
01/15/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Bloodbringer

I'm guessing it'll be more than one report though, correct? Hopefully more than a handful? This can very easily be abused if it's not, :/.
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Holy hell you gear is horrible for an "MVP". You learn by playing many hours.

Please refrain from being such an idiot. You obvioulsy don't know who Sixen is...

To be on the thread subject: playing hc, I never get those "spam" messages. Hurray for hc !!

think you guys could make the block list cap higher than it is? i think its 100 now? any chance you could bump that to 150 or 200?
Hello, i have a problem.

i misclicked and had one of these in my friendlist for some seconds. I instantly removed him and reported him as spammer. I hope i don`t get banned. Im a little scared right now, I always played correctly and don`t want to get banned for a misclick. And my blocklist is full, please expand it, went pretty quick.

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