Button delays and random changes.. Fix this!!

Technical Support
Ok, For a while now i have been experiencing things such as every so often i will hit an action key such as Frost nova,Diamond skin or what have you. and it literally will not work the first time i hit it or it will delay and take a few seconds before it actually reacts which in MP6 can mean instant death if what you are intending to do doesn't happen as soon as you act on it. It happens kind of often so i know its nut just a miss of a key punch. Please react on this issue because it has really been killing gameplay for me. A part of these games for me is not just to get cool items. I don't want to die. Not as in i want to get items that make me invincible. I just want to be able to use my skills and perks in such a way i can keep myslef alive when maybe most people couldn't. but in order to do that you have to be both PRO active AND REactive. So please address this, Thanks, If i can get a +1 from anyone else.. I am sure im not the only person experiencing this.

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