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Witch Doctor
looking for advice on what i can do you upgrade my WD
An immediate increase in DPS/sustain would be zuni trail.

Any gear w sockets will help, and better gems than perfect squares. Your vit needs to go up as well. It is hard to tell what is going on though as you seem to have all MF gear on.
Need a little more info on your gameplay.

If you're just farming for gf/mf then when you got seems alright for mp0-5. One valuable time saver for farming I'd suggest is pick up a TotD (Thing of the Deep) mojo. Preferably one with 20 yard radius. This will dramatically speed up your farm runs. A fellow WD from this forum hooked me up with one and it significantly saved me time from having to basically hover over gold to pick it up and I could focus on moving faster across the map towards elites, etc.

Your present attributes are decent, but if your looking to do mp5-10 then you'll need more armor, all resistance protection, vitality (around 1,000).

If you're looking to do PvP when patch 1.07 is released, than check out the recent threads here addressing those concerns.

Second what @bapdawg110 said about your mf gear and his advice about gearing up. I would also recommend items that up your CC & CD to increase your DPS.

A Zuni 4 piece set is nice, but don't bother if the rolls are low quality. I have a Zuni 4 piece, but has terrible stats, so I'm opting for rare pieces that give me better affixes.

Zombie bears & Acid Cloud are huge mana drains for main active skills, so make sure you have the mana to back it up so you don't OOM (out of mana). All the ceremonial knifes I picked up had low DPS, so I switched to pets with lower mana costs active skills to survive. I still use Acid Rain, but primarily to cleanup after my pets swoop in.

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