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I was done with Diablo 3, after 3 - 4 months of intens playing, so I decide to rest it for a while.
After other 3 months playing some BORING games, the old romance was born again.HELLO DIABLO 3!!!
The client looks better...mmm. Obviously I needed an version 1.0.6a (13644).
Updating...(1)looking good...(2)Playable...(3) Optimal...YES!!
Ready to play!...ready?...NO way!!
"Diablo 3 was unable to validate core data files"....Acept. Back to windows.
WTF!!??? Now I can´t even PLAY...
Please someone help me!
Just did the "Repair Tool" and the "reset game preferences".
And I cant find anyone who have the same problem(read the forums already)
Anything you coul tell me helps.
Thanks from argentina
elporofox39 ,

It's a fairly common issue I'm afraid, at least it's been reported quite a few times in the past. I've found the best way to get it resolved is to do a complete reinstallation of the game. If you feel that will take too long, we can sometimes determine which file or files are corrupted by examining the D3Debug.txt file, deleting them, and then running the repair utility so the game can try redownloading them, but this method isn't 100% successful.

If you decide to reinstall, I'd like you to delete two additional folders first. These two articles describe what needs to be done for that:

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