Want to switch from WW to Hota, need advice

Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me. As the name says I want to switch to a Hota barb for a change and I'm wondering how to do it, which skills are best and should I change any of my gear? Thanks for the help in advance
Based on your current equips, I would try this build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ZSUQVR!ZYW!ZbZZZY

Switch your OH and your MH, so you get the crit bonus. The Furious Charge/Tornadoes should over compensate for the -20 fury cost of HOTA vs. 18 regen per crit.

I would also recommend switching your hell ring for one with crit, or even switching it out completely. I know it's a hit on exp, but you want to be as close to 100% crit as possible...

I'm not sure if smash rune or rolling thunder would be best for you. If possible, grab a Skorn to practice with vs. the 2-h. If you can find a skorn with minus 2 or 3 to HOTA, then you'll be at a net 0 loss.

I recommend revenge if you are farming on low MP, but if you go up to around 5 or so you can keep up WOTB, for the extra crit + atk spd...

The biggest weakness of the build will be against reflect... You've only got the 3% LS from belt and some ring LoH, I don't know if you're resistances will be able to match this. You might have to wait for pots, depending on your dps...
Cheers mate gives me lots to work with
I do normally use a crit ring i just have the hellfire on for the exp
i usually play mps 5-7 but i can always practive on lower
i use hota as a primary attack now and reflect doesnt cos much ahassle though i usually make sure i have nados out
thanks though i will give it a go :)
I use this for MP10 key farming:

use WW on white mob or melee elite pack.
use hota if you can hit 2 at same time (you will have max fury all time if hit 2 target).
use hota on range elite/goblin/runner/single target.

Warcry+ supersition give best EHP. and supersition > 3% life steal base on test.
(warcry = +29% ehp, overpower = +35% only if you can keep it up all time.. and extra fury from warcry is useful for cast battlerage or hota).


if you farm in low MP, just buy a 300th spear (EF main hand, 300th offhand), and a -5 throwing IK belt (both item less than 1mil), then try out this fun build:


throwing for low density mob/runner
Spear with Harpoon is for AE damage (if you crit on enemy, there arezero cool down, so try use it on pack of monster)
Charge is for AE damage (spear+charge combo is fun)
Battlerage with Bloodshed is must have, work well with for better Spear/Charge
Sprint with marathon have best speed
warcry with charge is for backup (sometime you need more fury for long run)

this is really fun build for public game or low MP exp farming. you can kill really fast and clean, and it is very relax build (without worry about wtob drop)

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