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Hi guys,

I'm sorry to make yet another gearing question post, but I'm at a loss. I've sunk a lot of time and gold into my DH, and I can't even get above MP2 - and even that's a little hairy. Right now I'm farming Act 3 MP0, but I would really like to be able to advance to making key runs at an acceptable Monster Power. Would anyone have some advice on which pieces I could upgrade to get to about MP5? I have a budget of about 100mil gold.

Thank you! I appreciate the help.
Your DPS is low for increased MP levels. Your low dex and relatively low crit chance are the factors I can see, off-hand, and IAS would probably help DPS as well. You're probably going to have to juggle your DPS and EHP until you get to a more stable point, because some of the places you'll want to get more dex (amulet, chest, etc) are also places you have a bunch of vit on it. I would definitely consider a budget Vile Ward to at least maintain your dex while getting more vit and AR, get an amulet with more crit chance along with healthy CD, get a nat's chest and boots (or whatever 2 pieces of the nat's set strikes your fancy) to get the 2 pc 7% CC bonus, and...well...lots of stuff.

Check out the first post in this thread from Genesis for some other general tips and a medium budget build:
That's a big budget you have, and you can probably get your dps over 100k with it(while keeping hp and resists and raising them),
I would recommend first getting better rings, you can get a lot higher crit chance and crit dmg on them and also attack speed, dex, damage or all rst/vit,
also change pants, 3 sock chest would be good idea as well, natalya embrace with natalya helm would also increase your crit chance
You can build perfectly ok DH with low budget as well, for example I have spent less than 15m for my DH and I can solo MP5 without dying much.
It looks like you die easily because you have no resistance.

I don't know all the available pieces like the others, but, I'm going to guess Nat's sight + Embrace.
Personally, if I had 100mil, I'd spend a decent amount to upgrade the bracers first. They have no AR.

Finally, why do people use a DML with a skill bonus that they don't use?
You use Elemental.... you should own a DML with Elemental (unless you run mostly Cluster or you found this DML)
@Dogbone - You may have a point, though the OP's AR is 270, which while not high is not horrific. Overall EHP isn't bad, but does rely a lot on their 40k life.

As for the DML, I don't use the skill on it that often (I do once in a while) but I got it for cheap, so I can't complain too much. :)
Thanks for the suggestions so far all. I suspect that its my rings and my more defensively oriented pieces (pants, chests) that are the problem, based on what I'm reading. I am definitely seeing a trend for getting 2 piece Nats, so I will look into that.

And really it's not the fact that I die easily - it's the fact I can't kill anything with reasonable speed.

@Dogbone - got that DML for a good price. Plus I enjoy running Cluster sometimes.
2 piece nat's is a no-brainer most of the time because CC can only usually be on certain slots and because CC is such a huge part of increasing your DPS if you have a decent CD.
What about taking 5 or 6m and paying someone to run Hellfie with you? This would let you roll a ring with better dex than you gave (iirc) and gain the 35% XP. Probably the cheapest way to upgrade one of your rings.

Then maybe do one for your follower and you could just cruise MP0 or MP1 while you add to your build. Now you would not need to bother with key runs. Just farm away.

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