Gearing help!

Demon Hunter

Right now according to D3UP ( I have:

165k DPS
238k eHP

I would like to start stepping it up a notch, yet I am unsure where and if there is a low hanging fruit. I would like to switch to a faster shooting weapon so I have thought about WF for a while. Hatred regen seems slow (using M4E:ME for that), and I dropped NS, since it seems like its not doing a lot, at 1.9 APS, its not a deal breaker.

Im also thinking about getting higher stats on quiver, but then I sacrifice IAS (for price reasons).

I have other gear variations I use:

Depends on if you think DPS or EHP is your problem, or both. You could upgrade gloves and amulet for more CC and CD, and you could get vit on your pants to help a little with EHP. You also have nice dex on your Vile Wards, but not vit. Personally, since the options for abilities on shoulders are limited, I try to make sure I stack dex, vit, and AR there as much as possible to give me options to upgrade other places. Basically, you'll probably want to specialize your slots a little more so you don't have to buy the uber dex/vit/ar/cc/cd equipment to upgrade, unless you have a great budget. Your DML can also definitely use upgrading, and if you have budget constraints I wouldn't worry as much about what skill is on there...though if you also want +disc that can still be pricey.
Anyone else want to throw in an opinion?

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