Suggestion: Brimstone + lower cost for HFR

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Not sure if this is the right forums for this but did not know where else to post it.

I think creating Hellfire ring should require a Brimstone in addition to other requirement but the cost of crafting should be dropped to 20-25k.

This will add some value to the brimstone. Most of us find 2-3 Brimstone everyday and they are hardly used. Few people actually use them for crafting.
This would add 0 value to the brimstone, because people are hoarding them. They need a much better usage than that.
You maybe right, it may not add value in the AH immediately, but the brimstone will be useful to all players whereas now it is only used by a very small percentage of players.
And the small increase in demand will refresh it market in the AH. The price may not increase by a lot but the number of transactions will surely increase.
only if the Brimstone would increase the quality of the crafted ring. Otherwise. I dont see a reason to make the ring at all.

made two of them, both useless. its not worth the time you spend in making those rings.
i made over 30 mostly bad ones but i will continue until i get the one I want

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