Looking for High DPS DH for fast MP10 Ubers.

Demon Hunter
Hey all DH's.

We have a really good (and fun) group that does MP10 ubers for fun from time to time. I run CM/WW with Shocking Aspect (more DPS if you can stay alive) that keeps ubers frozen 99% of the time. Generally I am joined by an outstanding monk and WD, both with big DPS.

I realized I didn't have a ton of high DPS DH friends, which for our group works fine cuz u can sit back and lay on the DPS.

I only ask for a few things.

1. High DPS
2. Like to have fun

That's all. See you in game.

davloh - i was totally kidding about your lack of DPS....your gear is insane and most definitely fits the high dps. gladly do ubers anytime.
yep count me in
add me

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