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Dear Blizzard Support Team,

I have another account. I tried playing at a different place today. When I tried to log in it said "due to suspicious activities, you account has been locked........." something like that. Then it told me to change the password. But when I clicked on the link that was sent to my registered email, it said "An error has occurred". After doing this for a few times, my account was disabled temporarily. So I waited for an hour or so to try it again, but the same thing happened again. Tried cleaning my cache, cookies, browsing histories, etc. but still didn't work. Is there a way that I can recover my account?

Thank you very much for you time and help.
There are two issues currently affecting users trying to change the password:

1. Make sure the link is taking you to us.battle.net and not sea.battle.net. The US vs SEA matters.
2. Some browsers are not working well with the website such as Chrome/Safari. Firefox is your best bet right now if you still have problems after verifying the link

As for the too many times lockout - that drops off after 60 minutes but be sure to really stop trying to log in during that time.
Thanks for your reply.

1. You're correct. The link is sea.battle.net something. But I'm just following the steps that blizzard support is telling me to, then it sends me this link. How do I change it to us.battle.net?

2. I've firstly on Firefox, then Chrome, and then the worst IE - none of them works.

Yeah I kind of figured it out that you have to wait for 60 minutes.

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