Blizzard fix the damn disconnect issue!!!

Technical Support
What the hell is wrong with Blizzard. These issues have been raised numerous times so much so that some people have stopped playing due to this frustration.

I keep getting disconnects and I am at my whits end with this company and their "don't give a damn attitude". All they care about is getting the game out there and money in their pocket and NO worthwhile maintenance whatsoever in updates. Absolutely pathetic!! Holidays are over get back to work..

I am SO pissed off withe them. If your community is complaining of issues regarding the game care enough to help them out and make the gaming experience as nice as possible. Don't just do sit in a damn corner arms folded counting your money.

And also the last patch?What the hell was that? It screwed things up more than fixed them and ONLY one thing changed. Hardly a patch. Again testament to the don't care attitude on their side...

FIX IT DAMNIT. We all paid the money for the game so make it work!! Go learn something from the other game designing companies about after sales management of their products!

frequent disconnects
About to find a different game.
Lost my HC DH tonight because of this. 62h played. Not intrested in SC and there's no point of playing HC when you can die because of these random disconnects. Too bad, I had so much fun for playing HC.
I am having the same problem with my WW Barb. Really annoying. Why is this happening Blizzard. Please fix it. As soon as I get 5 NV and want to go kill Key Warden, all of a sudden I have been disconnected. Everything is updated and on par on my end. I am in IT so I know that its not on my end. This makes the game as a WW Barb unplayable.
Having this problem lately as well with any char I play...
I have been having this problem since 1.04. where i get error 3007 etc. at fairly regular intervals. Its like its on a timer. Like clockwork every 90 or so minutes... disconnect.
Been having it for days now, very annoying and frustrating -_-
Blizzzzzzzzard ! Fix the disconnect WW barb stuff ... I played every class and only WW barb disconnect!!!!!!!!! I'm so pissed!

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