Help gear me please.

Demon Hunter
Well, as you can tell by my gear, my dps life and resist are really low.

I have a few friends who have 200k and even 300k dps, and i'd like to get my dps higher, both with a calamity and manticore.

I prefer the calamity, but i found the one i'm using, and its only 980 dps no socket, but 98% crit damgae, I lose about 6k dps switching to it.

its my dps that i'm worried about, I don't see how its so low compared to other peoples.

I have about 300k gold right now, I know its not enough to upgrade anything right now, but I'll keep playing, and keep saving.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Try to increase your Critical Chance. CC is available on helm, bracers, rings, amulets and gloves besides the items that you have with CC. Amulets and gloves can roll up to 10% each and they will be a huge boast to your DPS. However it might be difficult getting some decent stuff with 300k gold. Perhaps you can try to earn more first
Yes I concur with RaveaAngel. You need more CC which is a part of the multiplier that works with CD. You should be using Sharpshooter in the meantime but you aren't. Vengeance/NS/Perfectionist are for users that have reached a point in CC/CD that utility takes over damage stats.

I see that you are running a Strafe build so changing passives is not negotiable, that leaves you with the only option of getting more CC on your gear. For gloves, put in Dexterity = 100/AR = 60/CC = 10 it should give you some cheap options in the 10's of thousands. For amulet, put in Attack Speed/CC = 8.5 and look for average damage ones that rolled both min max for example, 10-20. That should be 200k right there.
I'm up to a 50% crit chance now, at least I think so.

still low dps, but it helped.

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