Error 73 (1/12/2013)

Technical Support
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Has there been a problem this bad since launch? Crazy town.
1st World Problems... It is annoying, though you can live without the game, for a few hours. :) Been getting Error 73 and now 500, since this morning. has never been a fully functioning product, since its inception.
Been trying to log in all day. Must be a major issue.
Authenticator currently isn't an issue. I'm unable to log in without an authenticator.
I am getting Error 73 as well. I want to play >_<
(11:00)Ohh Diablo 3s down ill go do my chores and come back itll be up
(12:30)done time to check
(12:40)still down? wow must be a big problem but i bet blizzards working hard
I haven't played this game for 2 months and come back and try to log in with all of the above errors... 73, 3005, 3006.

My renewed interest in this game is quickly fading.
Maybe... its the weekend and no one who can actually fix the problem is at the office today?
I've been trying to login for several hours with no success. Same error 73..... come ON blizz, I really like the game but you seem to try hard to make us hate it.
I think you've nailed it... Though, you'd think they would have a few server admins there, on weekends.
does this mean 1.0.7, no , just gimmie dat , and then fix-y this crap lol
!@#$%^ offers better up time than this.
this be blizzard
This is a company with 2-3 BILLIONS (with a B) revenue a year.
What bugs me is that it took over two hours to even mention the problem on the login screen, and we're yet to see a blue response of what's going on.
That's the kinda things you can expect (and live with) from a mom and pop business not a company with their revenues.
I can login in to ASAI, Europe servrers, and other battle net games no problem. Only Americas server on Diablo 3 is giving me an issue....CMon
Still no response from Blizzard.. SMH
This is a company with 2-3 BILLIONS (with a B) revenue a year.

4.7 billion last year.
still cant login :(
This is a company with 2-3 BILLIONS (with a B) revenue a year.

4.7 billion last year.

Even worse.
I was able to log in just now after being shut out or 4 hours.

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