1.0.7. - HUGE nerf to monks, even further kill diversit

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01/16/2013 02:08 AMPosted by AdHoc

For OP's who can't understand that that there is no nerf, they are fixing a damned exploit that said OP's were abusing. SNAPSHOTTING worked for GEAR and for ABILITIES. Who cares if you only exploited one half of it? If you were exploiting a system to get more dmg and are now losing it, QQ more.
give it up adhoc these idiots don't know anything about monks fitl is a bigger buff than 30% with high attack speed its huge the new cookie cutter will be combo strike and deadly reach taking away blinding flash and whatever last passive you were using

this was suppose to be the patch where monks got buffed it is really a nerf

the buffs are crap high weapon damage good but cost way to much to use over mantra spam because or regen is so slow

ps the next thing to get the chop will be owe and mantra of conviction

im considering swapping to barb have a 60 already but my monk is para 82
01/16/2013 03:24 AMPosted by Deus
@Deus your numbers are wrong. Now that IS your problem, not mine.
Please do show.

01/16/2013 03:15 AMPosted by AdHoc
No, what FTiL did is +25% to min dmg and +35% to max dmg. This turns out to be a much bigger buff than 30%.

Do you even read? I am now putting you on ignore list. Bye.
hopefully blizzard can see this before the patch goes live and fix the real problem
01/16/2013 03:33 AMPosted by AdHoc
Do you even read? I am now putting you on ignore list. Bye
+25% min damage + 35% max damage averages to +30% damage... please run the math.
hahaha really?
Thank you for this post. I am only hostile to people who don't a) read OP, b) come in here ignorant.

I fully support removal of this system, as it was quite frankly boring. But what you need to understand is, that this system allowed us to dish out comparable dps to other classes - and even then only on a SINGLE TARGET. Monks already accepted being far inferior to other classes when it comes to crowd control. Now they removed even that - dishing out DPS for single target. Well not entirely removed, just nerfed significantly.

And I can even swallow the DPS nerf, but can we at least get some better healing mechanics through skills then? Right now we can heal for 6k HP per 45 seconds. That's it. There's LPSS which should work very well if it would only scale. What would this bring to monks? More healing through skills means more dps through gear. Right now monks had the ability to buff amazingly and gear for survivability (because of no skills for healing).

What they just did is we have to gear for both.

You're welcome. :)

And yeah, I get it. I'm a reasonably sharp cookie, but my in-depth understanding of the Monk class is lacking as I only recently leveled one. However, from friends who play as one and having had the limited experience with one that I DO possess, I know the class can be frustrating due to the "difficulty" of getting your LPSS or other forms of regeneration. It kinda sucks that we all have to play the same way typically in order to be effective at health regeneration, even when the monk DOES have its own system to work with. (It shouldn't be too surprising though seeing as they put like 19-20? life per fury spent on the IK set which is a total waste for anyone not whirling around like mad)

As for the DPS though, I really can't comment on just how gimped one class is when comparing with another because I'm not in that elite category yet and I really try to avoid both auction houses as much as I can (not working that well over the last few hundred hours though sadly). I have definitely heard plenty of anecdotal evidence from other folks though regarding crappy DPS numbers for Monks when not using the "snapshot" or something like it.

I hope it works out for you one way or another. Maybe by the time the expansion releases at the end of the year if we're lucky, they will have figured out ways to make our itemization more interesting and varied along with creating better skill synergy for all. I'm personally hoping for a 7th skill slot, potentially a 4th passive and an additional affix possibility on rares and/or legendaries, seeing as I don't think they're going to ever optimize rolls in any way whatsoever. :)
If it wasn't for the macro users, none of these shenanigans would have come around.
nah you hit the nail on the head....thats exactly what it did

as far as i understand it works like this (i dont actually use this exploit so please let me know if any of this is incorrect)

basically, when sweeping wind is cast, whatever your DPS is at the time, is how much damage your cyclones will do, so players equip say.. a skorn with huge damage + 300% crit, use all there skill buffs, like blinding flash, blazing wrath, then cast sweeping wind... then switch weapons to a high attack speed weapon.. because obviously cyclones wont spawn at a fast rate with a slow weapon.

you end up with monks spawning insane amounts of cyclones a due to the high attack speed of the weapon they are now using, and the cyclones are doing the damage based off the skorn + skill buffs. effectively doing millions of damage a second, thats why you see monks owning mp10 with a 15 dps, 1.8 attack speed dagger.

as long as you have the inna's set, which reduces the spirit cost of sweeping wind to 5 or 10? spirit.. you can keep recasting sweeping wind before it runs out. which keeps it up for long periods of time.

sounds like a bug exploit to me

no nerf for monks, just bug fix
Not bugged, but poorly designed. It's been in the game since day 1.
A normal person couldn't do it without the aid of a macro.
01/16/2013 03:39 AMPosted by Fitz
Buffed (non-gearswapping) SW monks (which is all of them) were able to do decent dps
They still do, they may do it even better, look at my calculations.

If they are wrong please show me with other calculations or an explanation of why my basis are wrong.
Don't go "Hulk mad, Hulk smash" like the OP.

01/16/2013 03:25 AMPosted by engrross
Witch Doctor Super OP....HEX, ROOTS and FEAR so sick to deal with........................

those skills are there since day1, no change no buff at all
the reason sweeping wind did decent damage was mainly because of blinding flash

ok than where is the actual buff that monks are suppose to get its still gonna be cookie cutter at high mp the use of spirit spenders cost way to much spirit mantra spam will still be the go
01/16/2013 03:50 AMPosted by baggins
ok than where is the actual buff that monks are suppose to get its still gonna be cookie cutter at high mp the use of spirit spenders cost way to much spirit mantra spam will still be the go
I completely agree with this. Buffing spirit spenders won't change a thing build-wise because spirit spenders are awfully designed.

We are discussing the SW snapshot mechanic here, though.
yea I'm not having a shot at you I just expected a little more these changes looks like they just come up with them on a sunday afternoon
01/16/2013 01:46 AMPosted by AdHoc
I'm sure even more monks would like to see this mechanic COMPLETELY removed, but not by gimping our dps so much.

you know what
remember "Invulnerable Wizard" exploit?

I'm sure even more wizard would like to see that mechanic COMPLETELY removed, but not by gimping our survivability so much...........

d*mn u Blizzard !!
huge nerf to a mechanic that has been along since day 1 for a class than has been underpowered since day 1 (unless you have 5 billion to throw around)

really sad. wish they wouldn't punish those of us who didn't use cheesy gear swapping

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