Plz Help Me

Demon Hunter
why is it that i bought gloves with way more dex then the ones im wearing but my dps is going down
stats on what i have now
423 armor
37 dex
117 vital 167 armor
crit hit dmg increased by %31

what i bought
296 dex
106 vital
29 all resist

why is what i alrady have on better then what i bough plz help me
because your original pair have crit dmg.
In this case, I would say because your 31%CD > 259 Dex.

That's a lot of dex, but the 31%CD is huge if your crit chance is high.

For future reference, what you can do to compare stats on the AH prior to purchase is to link the item (SHIFT+LEFT CLICK) to yourself and then proceed in-game and check the link.

I always do this before I make any purchase to see if it's worth it or not.
so what now i just need gloves that have more crit than that?
go to d3up, register, upload your profile. Watch the video to learn the basic usages of the site features. When you get to looking over your character, you will see how certain stats, on the right side of the page, affect the DPS and ehp of your character more than others.

And while we are at it, your profile for D3 isn't showing up.

Now you smell like troll, not just look like one.

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