150m budget DH

Demon Hunter
So I recently returned to playing D3 after some persuasion from some of my friends. The gear I got now are hand me downs from friends which allows me to faceroll MP2 but I would like to play higher MP levels.

Got 150m sitting in my account after cashing out on some items but I'm not sure what should be my priority now. Witching hours, mempos and prowlers are insanely expensive now so I'm out of ideas on how to upgrade now.

Any suggestions?
Could try to shoot for Inna's belt and pants for set bonus there. Strongarm bracers aren"t too terrible in price iirc. Then some difecta or even trifecta gloves if you can snipe them for a good price. Would be a start and what I would do if I had that kind of gold to spend XD.

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