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Hi all,

maybe there are many players looked for answer "how to fix this errors"
i got answer for this

( My spec: CQ9550 2.83, 8GB DDR2, ASUS GTX460 768Mb, WIN7 64Bit )

Set the diablo3 installer compatibility as WINDOWS 7 an RUN WITH ADMIN RIGHTS

run it ( maybe this work, but i got below the minimum spec. error...)

so now go to your local drive and find "program data" if you dont find it, go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View Tab > Select Show hidden folders.

Or just type in c:\ProgramData\Desktop in the commandbar on top of explorer. This should show the contents of the folder.

Make sure you got folder named Battle.net

now go to folder Battle.net\Agent\Agent.954\agent.exe and change the compatibility same as diablo 3 installer ( run as admin with window 7 compatibility )

same in folder Agent.1544...

STOP antivirus and firewall programs...

this works for me :)

sorry about my poor english :(

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