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Witch Doctor
I haven't played much since like July last year, I was wondering does the burning dogs and big stinker still proc LoH the same?
do you have an example or could you explain that a little?
I believe they changed the proc rate of both big stinker and burning dogs to 0% which is to say they do not proc LoH at all or any other procs such as chance to freeze, immobilize, etc. Since Big Stinker does deal poison damage, I do believe he proc's Bad Medicine for the monsters that are hit by the poison.

I could be wrong since I don't use either one of these skills... but that is my understanding.

Big Stinker does not proc.
Burning Dogs procs a tiny bit.
Rabid Dogs procs twice as much as burning, but single target only.

I prefer Humongoid + Rabid myself.

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