Rate the monk above you, Part II

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What am I supposed to say to a P100 monk o_O

I'm envious of every single piece of equipment you have :)

How can I make mine better? My dps is doodoo

I think the monk above me need better gear too =P 5/10
How can I make mine better? My dps is doodoo

Well your crit chance (20.5%) and crit dmg levels are somewhat low. cc on amulet and cd on top of cc on gloves for a start ?


Seems like u will be facing the same problem as I do having vit on the weapons make u very difficult to change to another weapon due to the lost of major vit if we change weapon. Overall very good defend but the lack of Ls.

Shaky, good all round Monk. Need to beef up that critical chance though if you can.

Shaky, good all round Monk. Need to beef up that critical chance though if you can.


yeah will be going for a nata boots/ring set to beef up the crit chance in the nxt upgrade.

u r cool but that pair of boots looks abit out of sort maybe getting urself w a nice ice climber.

@!@#$%^-*!@ nice build for a 33K elite kills =) 8/10
Shaky, still got my magic find boots on in my profile. Tbh I didn't notice. Usually wear my Zunimassas. Adds another 7-8K dps.

excuse me, but i was supposed to rate SHaky, a little bit of dps and it's good to go. 7.5/10
Can anyone tell me what i need to work on please! Kinda Stumped on my character,

im not good at this but maybe u can consider these

1) replace ur ice climber with a nata since u already have a nata ring to get the 7% CC booster + increase ur movement speed.

2) Upgrade ur gems for ur EF to 100% CD

3) Replace the another ring with 1 with IAS, CC and CD.

6/10, welcome back to the game im also back not long ago, an advice dunnid to rush on the upgrading read the forum, run the game for awhile more understand the current game play before spamming on gold with the items, u will find it hard to balance ur defend and attack. How i know this cus i made those mistakes 3 weeks ago lol

Wow, your gear is way better than mine (newish to D3).
Only 2 things that stick out to me:
1. hellfire ring instead of your set rings
2. the rolls on your gloves could be better

9/10 amazing

Good use of LOH at your DPS level. High five for the Shens! Once you break the 100K DPS level which will be shortly once you pick up about 10 more Crit Chance and a bit more All Resist you will need to pick up a LS weapon or double your current LOH to maintain sustainability. Shoot for sockets in your weapons, it will be your fastest route to 100K DPS. Good life pool so you are on your way.


Nice monk cap,is the loh enough to keep you alive?

Nice monk cap,is the loh enough to keep you alive?

Yes Sir, on any MP including ubers.

EDIT: Skip me and rate Nekydo
Looks like everyone has been covered so Captain, you get another look ;)

Not much to say, great looking monk. Nice to see a 200K ish monk without the typical EF/WKL combo.

The only comment I have is to keep an eye out for a new Tals chest. Perhaps one with Dex or more Vit. I understand you were probably focusing on the AR and AS aspect. Nothing wrong with that either :)

Note to whom ever reviews mine - this is a project monk. I wanted to see how far I could take a life regen monk so its kind of a work in progress.
@Edward nice Regen monk man dont see mutch of those , weird weapon choice but they are fine i guess and if its you're pvp spec i would try to put in Dashing strike ( i use quicksilver rune) and Blind instead of Bell and Kick ... but that just me =)


After seeing your passive it cant be your pvp spec...so i wonder what you want to achive with this build exactly =_=
@Drakoon near perfect monk... but change your Azurewrath for weapon with crit and/or socket
Rate me please and let me know what is my worst piece of gear. Thanks!

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