Rate the monk above you, Part II

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nice build. but at 36k hp its kind of low for ur level. 8/10

I like the build but if I would change one thing I'd look for another Ammy with a Vit roll instead of Int roll and see if you can swing a min-max damage or higher min damage attached to it, so then you could take out some of the Amythests you have in to replace with Emeralds for higher DPS. Just my opinion. 8/10

Your survivability is quite low, only 33k hp while having less than 400 res all.. Not to mention 260 LOH/2.9LS.

Your DPS is nice but you just need to work on upping one or all of your sustain or defensive stats.

5/10 imo

Keep it up bud! You're doing great! Hella nice sustain, EHP, defensive stats. Only things I can think of is, maybe a Quadfecta neck, or a higher crit mempo. 8/10
pretty nice all around. the only thing i can point out is your all resist, around 530ish? it seems a little low to me, but still managable coz i have been there :) suggestions would be to up your all resist and dps ( it still has room to upgarde) otherwise, all good.

for the next to rate me, if you are saying i need a EF, i do, it is on my barb, just dont like the fear on hit :)
@Ghost :
did not think you posted before me :) i may as well rate u

you r using OWE but your resist is all over the place. if you use OWE, i suggest to stick with one element otherwise dump OWE. for your weap, shenlong would only take you so far, if you want more dps, gotta find your self a good EF and a good rare

The only thing I can think of is maybe a bit more resistance on your bracers, or pray for a hellfire ring to top your rare ring.

Rating: I really want your gear! (9/10)

I'm a noob, so my advice prolly isn't the best. Also, my gear kinda sucks... I'm in the process of regearing. My weapon and pants are borrowed from a friend

beautiful set up love the amulet i need something like that with LOH.
only items that might need a change is the pants but with high vit and AR its also doing fine.


Pretty solid. I bet that took a while (or a lot) to build. I'd get more LOH if i where you.


Right on track!! Keep it up!! Maybe next would be mempo with higher crit?

I dont know.. Now i'm looking top inna helmet with high dex,vit, res, 6cc + sw bonus.

Very good monk, outperforms me in most dimensions =P

I have pretty bad knowledge about what items in your league cost, but perhaps the gloves could be improved a bit either by getting more crit damage and higher resistance, or maybe by getting some vitaility on them?


Information to next person: my monk is on the EU server.


Brilliant Monk! 12/10!

In all seriousness, how do I view your eu profile? :-/


Brilliant Monk! 12/10!

In all seriousness, how do I view your eu profile? :-/

You can enter my profile, and then remove the letters "us" from the web-link and change them to "eu".

Then it will look like this: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dannepoke-2436/

I like your damage but rather than rating I really have some questions, like:

What is your life on hit or steal? I am not seeing much and I wonder how the heck your staying alive.

Your HP and armor seem low to me because I always get killed a lot, when I trade/sacrifice them to get higher dmg.

Great mid tier monk. You have the 600+ AR with OWE and 5K+ Armor so thae ~1500 LOH should be adequate for your 53K Life Pool. Suggestion is to get a WH to pump up your DPS and IAS for your LOH and upgrade your gems at at least the one on your weapon to get that extra 30 CD.



Great armor and good life pool but a bit lacking in Resistances. You may have to up your LOH from your sub 1K to move into higher MPs. Try and stack some more IAS as well.


Also Velsa to answer your question I think earmuffs only farms MP0 and is out gearing the content DPS wise and killing everything single pass. When I run TR at with similar DPS I remove STI and run with Inna's so I loose my Vit from BT setup and go down to 29K. You run and gun and when you stop I SSS then continue on. Yes I do die sometimes but he has 880+ Life Regen and I ran only 400+ so that may help him out.

EDIT: Nice seeing all these Shenlong users lately. Seems that we are not going exting after all =)
@Vatsa, i like the armor approach but you only have two gear pieces with poison res, with that approach you can find a innas with ar and free up a passive, since your not using WoHF anyways. :D


@Capt, I like your hellfire ring :D nice gear.
@MagmusKhan very nice equip^^ (i would like to have most of it) ... if i can suggest i would work on the Bracers and get one with Attk Speed .
Unity ring is good , may be can find a better trifact one ... Other things can't say lol
May be u could try to change the build just to have fun hehe

My profile is in EU ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Civ-2460/hero/20005658 )
@Civ, I would think about dropping the Shenlongs in place of something that has LS and work on getting more crit to up your DPS, you could get crit in your helm and ammy. Crit mempos are expensive so you could go to a Inna's with crit and then replace your belt with a witching hour. Gem up of course when you can swing it. 6/10 decent build.
@Drug you don't have a link to your profile! 0/10 for invisible monk

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