Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Very well balanced monk. 8.5/10
only thing to improve might be looking for Nat's replacement since it's might be nerfed.
Solid Monk 9/10
@ Ladyenvy As a comparison to mine, 9.5/10

<---- myself I never received a rating :( (hence the second post)
@ Harrowing

First and foremost, your health. 13k is extremely low. The wrong mob can 1-shot you. I would highly recommend picking up either Inna's, Blackthorne, or Tal's chest. Get something with a couple hundred Vitality on it. Another easy thing to do is swap your helm and get a cheap Mempo of Twilight. You'll get added DPS from the Attack Speed and another 10-12% life built in, plus the amethyst socket. Your bracers are nice, but you could probably get a cheap pair that have vitality on them too. That's a huge slot for Vitality. Those three things should increase your health considerably.

After that I'd start looking at balancing out your Crit Chance and your Crit Damage. You seem pretty low on both of those, and that would really increase your DPS. It's nice you have legendary weapons, but rares with crit and a socket will out-dps those with considerably less base DPS.

I'm hoping someone with a lot of experience playing a monk can rate me. I don't know if I need an overhaul or there are some decent "fixes" that I can do. Keep in mind I'm only sitting on about 150M gold. Looking for some good advice from a seasoned player.
@ Buckster. I think an echoing fury might be a good upgrade for u in replacement to those weapons. with an empty socket, i'm not sure how those things run but the +aps will def give u a big boost in DPS regardless. (don't know how u like the fear as it's been a complain for some). with your current armor, i'm not sure if you've considered use STI for ur passive. personally since u don't have that much APS atm, i would either go one of 2 directions. try to get more IAS on your items (ammy, ring, and weapons). echoing fury will get u both ur APS and up ur dmg, but u will have to deal with the fear factor. also replacing IAS on your gloves with CD might be a better option for you to deal more dmg per hit vs being stuck in the middle on APS, CD and CC.


very nice juicy eq u have there, i think u can get a pretty mempo to increase ur ias. my 2cent noobie advice. 9/10

well rounded monk, still need some upgrades for maybe more dexterity and a better hellfire ring

@thebrys 8/10

needs more resistance.
@I3atu. Good all round Monk. You could maybe do with a few more hit points and like everybody more dps. I also see you've weaned yourself off OWE - good job.


@!@#$%^-*!@er. I'll give you an 8.5/10 for maintaining that dps with SB build. Good survivability there :)

S pearchucker omg why did that come out lol
@ Sengerene A nats ring and nats boots would probably increase your DPS. Good attack speed. 8/10
Vile ward could be higher dex, same with the gloves, but I like the EHP.
Ack.. why you buff so hard when logging out? 136K dmg on D3up
THCheesey, we are very similar stats wise, but I am dw with ls and you are one handed with loh.
O i have my tank tough gear on... usually have innas chest and high dmg ammy. Mp 6 for the win!
I like your witching hour, even with no dex the RA is radddd
Yea, I actually found that Witching Hour and can't bring myself to give it up because it provides a huge AR/LR boost. I may sell it to a barb one day though if I can find someone willing to pay me tons of $$$.
Looking to improve my monk please rate me;)
At 207k DPS you chose to have bad armor and resist, but great DPS. Your next steps would be to maintain (or close to it) your DPS, but slowly increase your resist and armor. For now, you may want to replace one with everything for a different passive because you are only getting a +45 bump for cold res. Then just start finding equipment with some (cold) res (maybe start with your belt or boots). Very nice DPS monk though.

Shoulders improved. Gloves were an incredibly rare find. Try searching for anything similar and you'll how much they cost.

I buff to see what my sustainable DPS is, to keep track. Thx

Solid gear 9/10

decent gear you could use so upgrades but so can everyone.
I would give you 6/10

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