Rate the monk above you, Part II

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Very nice build. Love the offhand; found 2 of those last week and of course crap rolls :-P

Anyways, overall I'd say 8/10. Changing out that hellfire for a good Nat's ring would open up your helm to swap out for a mempo, and a decently rolled lacuni I think would be helpful too. Overall, nice job and I hope to be at your level someday :-)

Nice Shenlongs! You could really just look to improve your RA on inna's pieces and finding a path to Nat's set or another trifecta ring would help a bit. Your shoulders and belt could have more DEX and your bracers could focus on RA, DEX, Vit and CC. On your way indeed! 7/10
I never got rated. Where am I?
Yeah TT you always get skipped...like waiting to get picked for dodgeball or kickball in elementary school haha.

Solid mid tier monk with above ave attack speed but you need to get your crit hit up a bit more to move into upper DPS tiers.



Looks like your slowly working your way out of OWE. Are you TRing with that setup? If yes that's pretty good DPS for TRing. If not your picking some items that are not to popular but making it work for you probably at a budget price no less.

Also nifty HF ring you got there.

YAH,Thats my TR build. Whoops! Here is my d3up profile.


Tough NUTS!!!!

CC on nats ring, higher cc on bracers, CC on Mempo, and get some critdamage and AR on ammy. Trifecta gloves.... good work so far!

Thanks fellas...much abliged.


Thanks for advice! Slowly but surely I'm plodding along getting those upgrades. A funny note about the Shenlong's: my bro actually found that. We were playing next to each other and I heard him get the legendary "schwing" noise. Looked over and saw fist weapon. He picked up and saw it was Shenlong's. He was ID'ing it and I was chanting "cmon socket cmon socket CMON SOCKET CCCCMMMMMOOOOOONNNN SOOOOOOCCCCCKKKEEETTT" and BAM there was a socket and over 1k damage. We both freaked out lol.
@THC Take 2

Excellent DPS but shows your eHP at 379K with 38K Life. Bump that up a bit more and your good to go! You can do this best by picking up new bracers with 100+ vit and similar stats and finishing up with Nats boots with Vit however the latter will by pricey.

DONOTRATE ME&**** AHHH nats with Vitality... good idea. I just sold an ammy on GMAH for 300 million.... so I got a little loot to throw at it. THanks for the breakdown! Also wanting to upgrade my witching hour (self found) for one with AR but they are hard to come by...

nice build i dun really like skorn but u r well balance and good cc/cd. a little more on EHP will come handy, u just find some 100-150 vit upgrade will b nice. 8.5/10


You probably know way more than me but here goes.

Your lacuni is a bit behind your other items and your all res could be a bit higher if you can squeeze some out somewhere (possibly in the lacuni).

But amazing monk, def one of the best!


your monk has I guess to little resistance and try weapons with LoH/LS, Native crit damage, open socket + high dex. I guess you can also get better rings.

Well, I haven't played for like 6 months so I'm not sure really 100% accurate cause i'm struggling myself.. lol

Definitely you still got a long way to go! have fun good luck

Might try looking for some doublefecta rings/amulet would really boost your dps, also on gloves... Don't be afraid of Seize the Iniative over Resolve either, Resolve is nice but I find that it doesn't help at all on ranged or things you aren't focused on. The bonus armor from Seize is no joke and helps alot to mitigate damage. Also 3 socket chest, and 2 sockets on Legs= Nice boost from Dex Gems.

GL and may the wrath of ytar be with you on loot drops!

nice Spirit Per Second there. 7/10
Pretty solid char you have there eh? Nice life% and iAS. A launi w/ CC would be great...


Overall nice build, great resists, and pretty balanced dps and build overall. You have high survivability, though the dps is a bit low compared to what i've seen with monks of that paragon level. I'm not much of a critic, since I'm new to this, but I'd give it a 9.
You have very low resists, and you should get your hp up to 40k.
Should switch out shenlongs with higher dps rares w/ black dmg, and with sockets / lifesteal / crit
You might wanna consider rare shoulders with a bit lower dex and a lot of vit / lightning res / all res.
Get lightning res on your helm
Not sure if Shenlong set is the best for us (that's sad but true), but if you can afford to change them to rares or EF/WKL, your dps would probably soar. 7.5/10.
Solid looking monk, wish I had your dps... some day.
@frothy nice 6% ls 7.5/10

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