How will WD play in PvP?

Witch Doctor
ups i change it, it got a huge mana problem i thinks this build is more okay for me!Wba!bcZZaa
ups i change it, it got a huge mana problem i thinks this build is more okay for me

Nah, pretty sure Widowmakers won't cut it. Each skill needs solid utility. Would change to Medusas, and drop SA for VQ.
this is build im going to try first for pvp!ace!YZaZcZ

basic idea is to use toad, hex and horrify for cc + kiting, and use sb+haunt for dmg (like others mentioned for its homing).

Anyone try hexing something then casting toad w/ toad of hugeness? If you havent seen it yet, make a game and find a single mob to hex then cast the toad. Found it kinda funny to watch lol.

edit: apparently toad of hugeness doesnt work on players :P oh well
Hehe, looks like my intuition pre-PTV patch wasn't too bad with this build. I would tweak it a bit though of course. What passives are you guys using (since mana regen seems to be a non-issue)?

Here is a build I came up with. It is hard to know how much of an issue mana regen will be without trying it out in practice:!fec!ZaZaZZ

Spirit Barrage/WoS (primary damage dealer, auto-target)
Haunt/Resentful Spirit (amplify damage output, auto-target)
Grasp/Unbreakable (keep melee away from you, help with WoS targeting)
Spirit Walk/Jaunt (duh)
Hex/Jinx (depends how well this works against players.... pretty OP against a single elite)
Garg/Restless (not sure how well pets will work... will give opponent something else to worry about)

I don't have any LoH currently, but working in LoH with Acid Cloud or Toads would also be good for PvP.
Results from last night playing my Monk (75K DPS) vs. another godly Monk (190K DPS), a well geared 85K DPS doggie WD and perma SS DH...

Doggies killed everyone. It's like a constant stream of Fallen Maniacs :D

Great Skills in PvP:
Spirit Walk pisses everybody off....
Haunt/Grasping Spirit
Mass Confusion/Paranoia
Leaping Spiders

Sacrifice Build is OP

Sooooo many fun skills
Just to post the thought people have on SOJ's

A friend of mine tested this and they are saying that players seem to not be elites so other then the other buffs such as mana, etc. they are saying the 30% does not show on the tests and they did not sub the riing with another they tested with ring and empty slot.

Maybe some of you on PTR can verify further.

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