What's wrong with my wizard?

Personally I feel like I die way too much on MP0 (more than 0 times). I have about 580 all resist, 5k armor with Prismatic armor, yeah my DPS sucks but I have 3.0+atkspeed with Slow Time buff.

Am I not playing correctly or is my gear/skills/runes wrong?

When I play on my Witch Doctor I can run through MP0-5 with 0 deaths...and clear faster.
I have found that the lower mp's are a bit harder with a full sns build. Due to the fact that the mobs die to quickly, not allowing you to wind up.

Try mp5-8.

And get rid of Glass Cannon. Use blur or something.

With the current build in my profile I run mp7 or higher.
Swap Slow Time for Teleport Wormhole. If you still die, Fracture.

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