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This was a done deal after launch week and good riddance. It's a cruel thing to say, but I'm glad he got fired.


Reading comprehension? Like the executive at the unamed company who made a million dollar mistake, the CEO was asked why he wasn't fired. He responed he had just invested a million dollars in his education, why would he fire him?

And Jay made them money.... just sayin.

hellgate london was a good game actually. the only bad thing about it was how repetitive the environment had been. but how is diablo3 better? i spent about the same time playing d3 and hellgate london (while I was forced to quit the latter due to the server shutdown). I don't see any reason for playing d3 though, because it just comes down to grinding the hell out of act 3 for exactly what? For getting better at grinding act3 - how awesome is that.

First of all if you really think you must grind A3 then you just dont understand the game. It does not matter where you grind, every lvl 63 mob can drop the best items in the game.

You can go A1-A4 and kill stuff there, dont think that only A3 is valid because you saw it on a stream. These people only do A3 because its a little % faster on xp, thats all.

Secondly, how could you surive at D2 when everything you could do was killing Baal, Pindle, Shenk, Meph and Countess?
Add Travi and Sanct for Runes if you like.

You had like 7 maps to play at D2.[/quote]

diablo 2 offered the possibility to
i) speedlevel a character of yours by pulling him. this way it took close to no time to get to at least level 70 from when on it got interesting to play around with fun builds (i am talking pre 1.10(!))
ii) join duel leagues, d2 was NOT just pve, it was actually quite interesting in pvp. at least it offered an incentive to farm items.
iii) really make a build work given a pre-planned set of items - without being able to set your characters stats, how do characters differ? the only way to give your character an edge over other is to grind hard to get a high paragon lvl.

it had usefull charms, uniques, set items, runewords,... for a wide variety of builds.
all these things have been reiterated from time to time on the forums (btw: that character that shows up if you check my profile is not my real one. i am from the eu and the game placed me on the US server first - i had my fair share of diablo 3, meaning i actually played many classes on inferno).

the handful of patches certainly improved the game, but they feel like improvised quick fixes rather than fully planned out changes.

edit: regarding a possible addon and d2's vanilla state:
it is indeed true that d2 out of the box was not the greatest game of them all, but it had the mechanics to build something great on top of it. this is what d3 lacks.
it starts with totally awkward stat bonuses, damage ranges that have a variance like crazy (more the less, only crit counts), cooldowns on skills and so on.
how would one, say, reimplement an optional feature to be able to set stat points? firstly, this would not work because there are no requirements on items, secondly if i get + 300 int/dex/str on ONE item, what are 5 points worth? everything is totally out of scale - it seems like someone came up with the idea that large numbers are "uber-cool".
it's the basic mechanics that prohibit the addon to be any better.
Why did they appoint a guy whose passion are RTS games to direct an ARPG game in the first place???
whos Jay Wilson?
This is what you get for destroying one of the most successful game franchise ever, i hope you read all these flames and realize how much grief have you caused to all the loyal diablo fans out there. You and your team.

Yes you made a great game, but if this had any other title in the world except "Diablo" you would still have your job. Of course it would have sold 1/100 (best case scenario) of what Diablo 3 sold and it would be long forgotten by now. From the very same point, at release date, you could have delivered a pacman game in the Diablo 3 box and it still would have sold millions.

So please... stop fooling yourself... you and everyone out there who sees this as a major success, it's the name Diablo that sold 10million copies not the still-in-beta-average-arpg that was in the box.

As for the people that are still playing, crying and desperately posting on the forums... These are the true Diablo franchise fans who you and your team mislead into buying your unfinished product by sticking a Diablo label on it. Shame on you and farewell.

Repeat for the fanboys: "Diablo 3" is a decent game, some love it some hate it. BUT THIS IS NOT DIABLO!

Playing a game you hate and stalking the forums of said game doesn't precisely give your argument any credibility or force.

Hating Jay Wilson has become fashionable. It's the hip thing to do on the forums. It started out with a few people criticising the game and taking it all out on him, and has turned into nothing short of a meme, where every sweaty nerd is trying to be the most radical hater. Get yourself a life and try to accomplish half as much as Jay has done so far, then I might listen to you.

Diablo 3 is a game that had a rocky development process. Eventually, however, they HAD to release it. The engine was swiftly getting older, and the genre receives one or two well-known entries each year. Not releasing it when they did could have become a financial suicide for Blizzard, who in turn forced the Diablo 3 team to give them a gold disc.

Fortunately, games can be patched, and like we've seen, the game is slowly reaching a point where it can be described as awesome. We're not there yet, but give it another year and I'm sure we will be.

If you don't want to play a 'still-in-beta-average-arpg', then just stop. Come back when you think it's ready. As of now, you only look pathetic and very lonely. Leave Jay alone.
[quote] Leave Jay alone.


comes to mind
01/18/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Patriarch
[quote] Leave Jay alone.


comes to mind

Good for you.
So many un-thankful little punks in this thread. It's pretty lol that some people trash the game, trash the devs, trash the company, yet when you look at their profile they have 30k+ elite kills and multiple lvl 60's - wtf would you play a game that you think is so bad for 500 hours or more?

Hopefully they have moved Jay to focus on developing the expansion.
2013 New Project starts "Titan" = Diablo 4

2025 Diablo 4 Release Date "when it's ready"

2030 Diablo 4 Release Date

2033 Diablo 4 EXP: Duel mode addon

Director: Jay Wilson

He wasn't fired, he's just relocating......

lol u cant read between the lines... Retards nowdays
Do u really think if he got fired hes gonna be like OMG I GOT FIRED.
They just let him write something down for respect BUT YES HE GOT FIRED and hopefully to the grade of JANITOR

But why would he get fired considering the amount of money Diablo 3 has made?...
So many un-thankful little punks in this thread. It's pretty lol that some people trash the game, trash the devs, trash the company, yet when you look at their profile they have 30k+ elite kills and multiple lvl 60's - wtf would you play a game that you think is so bad for 500 hours or more?

Hopefully they have moved Jay to focus on developing the expansion.

If you paid $60 to get into an amusement park and the first ride you went on was really terrible, would you just leave immediately?

I'm guessing you'd try out all the rides and milk your admission price for all it was worth, hoping that you'd like the next ride better.

To be honest, each ride (i.e. patch) has been a little better, but that still doesn't mean I shouldn't complain about the complete fail that was the first month of this game.
Welp i hope for the best to ur new team ...
Played the Burning hells out of this game. Great Job man, hope it continues to get better.

Good Luck!
Thanks for all you have done to shape the entertainment industry and dungeon crawlers. I hope TITAN goes well for u ;)
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